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The Christian Bible College and Seminary


The Christian Bible College and Seminary was founded in 1990 to make available valid and affordable Theological degrees and/or a Christian Counseling Therapist Certification to all who labor in His service.  The high standard of administration, instruction, and guidance is reflected by our dedicated staff at CBCS.  You can be assured the Christian way is our way.  Your goal is our goal . . . because of Him.

You’ll find our tuition is probably lower when compared to similar schools, it is intended that way. “Man does not live by bread alone.” Because the income of those who labor for the Master does not compare favorably with other demanding professions, CBCS tuitions and study materials are consistently reasonable.

The ministry, instruction, and curriculum of the Christian Bible College and Seminary is totally Bible centered and based. The Holy Bible is depicted in the CBCS Corporate seal and logo, it represents our philosophy: The open Book, Word of Divine Revelation to all who seek it.

We believe in and teach the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as the Inspired Word of God, the Eternal and Final Authority in Christian Faith and Life.

The Christian Bible College and Seminary is evangelical. We are not in conflict with any truly Christian faith. We are not affiliated with any church denomination, assembly, or conference.

Our Faith is in Our Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Bible. Our Belief is complete in His Holy Word as it is written. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

All are encouraged to be faithful to their beliefs; there is no persuasion by CBCS to change one’s denomination or faith. Our joyous duty is to live, share, and teach His Holy Word.

Accrediting Commission International

605 Sw US Highway 40 #336
Blue Springs, MO 64014

Admissions Email:

Phone: 800-543-3720
Fax: 816-228-3720

President: Dr. Melissa R. Salva

Denomination: Non-denominational

Fall 2016 Data
Enrollment: 5,496
Full-time faculty:
Part-time faculty:

Approved Degrees:

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Doctoral
  • Ph.D.

Comprehensive distance ed program?  Yes

2 Reviews

  1. I love the studies I have been exposed to, and look forward to completing to my Masters here.

  2. This is a great school.

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