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Discerning Calling

Discerning calling in seminary requires a few things. It involves analyzing yourself, looking at your passions, and looking at your gifts. “Calling” is a specific concept and it involves making sure that area is where God wants you to be. You have to check that this is where God is leading you to.

In the first area of “discerning calling” analyzing yourself, it is a matter of looking at yourself in the mirror and trusting yourself to God’s leading in life. Your “calling” should be your desire to serve in a specific area of ministry. The specific “calling” should be a lifelong dream. When analyzing yourself you are making sure this is where you want to be in the next 30 years.

The area of looking at your specific passions is also a very important concept to grasp when “discerning calling.” Where God calls you is depending on where your passions may are. Our passions have a way of influencing where God calls us to serve him. If our passion is missions, then that person will decide to become a missionary as a specific calling. The idea of “calling” and passions could be the other way around. We could be “called” to a specific area of ministry but our passions line up better with another area of ministry.

Lastly, God’s calling on your life involves looking at your gifts that God has bestowed on you and seeing where they bet fit in a ministry context. The gifts in ministry that God has given you can lead you to the specific area of ministry that God has called you to. When our gifts line up with our calling then we know this specific area of ministry is where God has called us to. For example if our one of our gifts is preaching then that person will want to be a pastor and focus mainly on preaching. Also, you can be a pastor in another area of the church but not be required to preach every Sunday.

Another important concept about gifts influencing “Calling” is that certain gifts influence a different range of people. The gift of preaching influences that whole body of the church while discipleship only influences a few people. God gives a certain gifts to people but everyone does not have the same gifts. We are each given different gifts to glorify God and serve the body of Christ. All gifts are used to serve the purpose of glorifying God and serving him in ministry.

“Discerning Calling” can be hard at times when you have different gifts, passions, and desires in life. Finding out your specific calling takes a lot of introspection and analyzing specifically how God has made you. It involves a long process of seeing where God wants us and how that specifically works with what God has gifted us with to serve him in ministry. Our “calling” needs to be an area we are sure that this is where God wants us. This “calling” gives us peace about the future.

By Luke Urban. Luke attends Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. He graduated from TCU in 2010 and loves all things Fort Worth. He is studying to go into student ministry.

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