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Is Seminary for People Like Me?

Just the word “seminary” seems so studious and special. We hear words like, “I was called to seminary” and “called to ministry.” But what about us normal folks… you know, most of the Christian community that live somewhere between the boardroom and the kids’ bedroom?

I am a full-time mom with dreams of writing and speaking… someday. So, when the thought of seminary started introducing itself in my mind, I dismissed it often. “Seminary is for preachers.” “We don’t have the money.” “We are already so busy.” “I don’t want to be on staff at a church.”

Then my seminary husband and I started talking about his dreams of the pastorate someday.

“I hope elders of the church will get seminary training,” he said.

Eeeeek. Stop the train. “Why would elders of a church go to seminary?” I asked.

“Elders make decisions that govern the church. My hope is our elders would make Biblically-based decisions. So, why would they not study Bible and theology?”

Hmmm… interesting. He got me thinking.

Could seminary train those not in vocational ministries? What impact might seminary education have?

Dream with me…

CEOs with Bible training, trading spiritual conversations with other businessmen.

Social workers loving families well with the understanding of scriptures.

Teachers, able and ready to answer even the most toughest questions on faith and education.

Service industry workers with opportunities to interact with almost the four million people in that industry.

Military service people equipped with the scriptures to care for hurting comrades.

Authors able to creatively layer their stories with spiritual meaning.

Musicians equipped to interweave theology into their art.

Even the full-time mom equipped to lead spiritual conversations with those in her community and the little people she leads.

Seminary is for…

The creative mind. The engineer. The accountant, architect, author, or illustrator.

Seminary is for every believer to tangibly wrestle with and explore the scriptures so that each of us may be ready to give an answer for the hope we have in Christ Jesus.

That may be from the pulpit.

But for the most of us, it is right where God places us with the people who may never enter the church. For some, we are the preachers they hear by the lives we live and the stories we live into.

Ask yourself these questions:

When asked at your favorite coffee dive a deep theological question, will you be ready to give them hope?

When a child asks why God allows bad things to happen, do you have a Biblically-based theology of suffering?

When someone in your small group shares they are struggling with addiction, do you know where to turn in the scriptures for grace and guidance?

When your co-worker faces a loss, do you know how to draw from the truth of scripture to bring comfort?

When our Judeo-Christian worldview is pummeled in our current culture and Christians are seen as bigoted and closed-minded, do you know church history to help you sort the baggage?

Seminary is not just for the spiritually super or the pulpit-bound pastor. It is for regular people… like me, the full-time mom.

You are welcome to join us regular folks.

By Seana Scott. Seana Scott, seminary wife, seminary student, mom, writer, and speaker.,

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