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Why I Went to Seminary

Growing up as a teenager, my ambition was to be a lawyer. There was nothing I held so dear to my heart than working toward achieving my dreams of the legal profession. But something dramatic happened along the line. When I was about completing the high school, all of a sudden I realized that I had started giving up on my ambition of becoming a lawyer. As a matter of fact, my dearly held ambitions began to fade away. I didn’t like the sudden development and coldness I was feeling about my plans for the future, but it seemed there was nothing I could do to revitalize it.

After listening to different voices of counsel ranging from my parents to friends, I came to the realization that God was planning something better than what I thought was good for me.

Thereafter, I became very convinced that God wanted me to be well equipped in his Word in order to be a channel of blessing to others in the future. With this new “revelation”, I knew that there was no better place to be equipped for this task than the Seminary.

Upon the completion of my high school, I applied to the Seminary where I was admitted for an undergraduate degree for a period of four years. It was while I got enrolled in the Seminary that it became very clear to me that there was no better place for me to be. Ever since, I have never regretted going to the Seminary. For me, it is a privilege I will ever live to be grateful to the Lord for.

My major reason for going to the Seminary was a response to a sense of God’s call upon my life.

At a tender age I sensed God’s call and knew beyond reasonable doubt that He wanted to use me for His glory and praise. I also knew that His plans for me were completely different from the plans I have for myself. While I was heading toward one direction, God constantly reminded me to focus on His on direction instead of the one I was heading toward. While I thought to myself that becoming a lawyer is “the real thing”, God taught me that going His own direction is “the perfect thing.”

The struggle was real. On the one hand I wanted to achieve my dreams in life, but on the other hand I really wanted to do God’s will. I knew for sure that the ultimate and most rewarding life is the one which is at the centre of God’s will.

So after a period of real struggle, I finally surrendered to God’s sovereign will. And today I am very happy I did!

But does this mean that I have never had any struggles since then? I still do. But these struggles are not in the form of regret. They are normal struggles that people in all forms of professions go through.

By Seth Kajang Bature. Seth is a student at Westminster Theological Seminary, PA.

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