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A million reasons not to go to Seminary

Every day I watch how God moves through His people, and each day I age, I experience how God is sovereign enough to care about every detail of each individual to move forward with his plan and purpose for his world.

A few years back I spent time in some of the most struggling places around the world. I held hands with people who had no option for better health care, living in dumps, selling their bodies for food, and sleeping in the dirt.  When I landed back in America and stepped back into the Western Church I was confused and angry. I would spend my time in church service wondering why we weren’t using the church building to house the homeless. The only thing that mattered to me was getting food to those children and we were wasting our time and money playing silly games at family church events.

Around this time my husband began his undergraduate in biblical studies. He sat across from me one evening and mentioned his desire to go Seminary.  I felt so torn between honoring my husband and knowing that the need I saw did not need a Seminary degree. The time and money spent in Seminary seemed wasteful.

While sitting in a large church on a regular Sunday, I watched as a young man practically carried his sobbing elderly father to the altar. They held each other close as what seemed to be years of hurts and pains were falling off into the hands of Jesus. It was in that moment it changed for me. As much as we say to get outside of the pews, Jesus sure was in the pews that Sunday.  God made a miraculous series of events happen for that man to be right there, in that moment. He had to take that pastor on a journey to end up preaching in that church, and builders to hear their calling to build a church, and a musician to hear their calling to play a certain song that Sunday.

Now here we are. We are moving across the country this fall with our three children. Taking the faith to step into Seminary life and the journey so far has been nothing short of wonder after wonder of God’s goodness and faithfulness. There may be a million reasons not to go to Seminary; however, if we know the voice of God and he tells us to go, nothing else makes sense but to go.  It is because I know that he may have a miraculous series of events to land us in just that right moment for that one person to come to the knowledge of God’s never ending redemptive love. I have no idea what will come during or after our Seminary experience, but I am excited as all get out to see how just maybe this can feed the children I think about day and night or maybe it is the only way to get us to meet that one person who will only hear about Jesus through us.  God has a plan. He knows it. He knows the path you need to take to touch lives, so listen to his still, calm and powerful voice in your life. Praise God. Seminary, here we come.

By Denise J. Murphy Denise is a mother of three young children and passionate about people stepping into their individual calling. Their family will be moving from Michigan to Colorado this fall so her husband, Mike, can attend Denver Seminary. Mike and Denise blog together at

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