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5 Reasons You Should Go to Seminary

Are you not sure about going to seminary? People pursue seminary degrees for a variety of reasons. If you are considering this possibility, then here are five reasons why you should go to seminary:

1. Better Training. If you think you might be called to teach others the Bible in any capacity, but don’t feel equipped to do so, you should consider seminary. The beauty of the current seminary world is that you can choose what topics you want to study, how in-depth you want to learn them, and even do your program online if desired. The flexibility in seminary programs has never been higher. If you want to become better equipped for ministry, and going to a ministry conference isn’t meeting your needs, then consider going to seminary and getting better ministry and theological training.

2. Setting the Bar Higher. If you want to lead well in ministry, then you should consider going to seminary. Your ministry team and volunteers will only progress as far as you have, so one very good reason for going to seminary is to learn more in order to set the bar higher. If you become better educated in order to grow in your ministry skills, then you can set the bar higher and help your ministry teams grow in their ministry skills as well.

3. Your Call to Teach. Do you feel called to teach the Bible to people? If this is a calling on your life, then you should seriously consider going to seminary. It doesn’t matter if you are called to ministry as a vocation or in a volunteer role, Bible teachers cannot teach well if they don’t have a deeper understanding of the Bible. Additionally, the theological and teaching skills you can acquire from a higher educational setting will help you become even more prepared to faithfully teach the Bible to others.

4. You Want to Learn From the Best. If you want to learn the Bible well, or learn how to ministry to a specific people group, then seminary is one of the best places to do so. While there are amazing ministry leaders and teachers outside of seminary, many of the best teachers are on-staff at seminaries around the world. Their main job is to equip others for ministry, so why wouldn’t we look to them as a main source of ministry preparation and training? If you want to learn from the best leaders in a specific field, seminary is the place to go.

5. The World is Complex. Ministry leaders in today’s world need to be prepared to minister to a variety of people in widely different circumstances, who each come from unique backgrounds. We need leaders in our church (again, vocationally and volunteer) who are prepared to reach these people and disciple them. Seminary helps prepare leaders to meet this need. Additionally, some churches have members that are highly educated themselves in their own respective fields. Shouldn’t the church also have highly educated members as well?

Seminary isn’t for everyone, but if you resonate with one or more of the reasons listed above, then you should consider going to seminary. Most seminaries are great places to learn, and the professors are caring Christians who truly want to see you succeed in ministry. Plus, you will learn alongside other students who are seeking to prepare to minister to others as well. Seminary can be a great place to better prepare for ministry.

Steven Knight is a Christ follower, husband, ministry leader, and student in the ThM program at Dallas Theological Seminary.Steven is a visionary leader with a deep desire to equip a new generation of children’s and family ministry leaders through his speaking, consulting, and writing ministries. He frequently blogs over at

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