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Is Seminary Worth It?

Over the years I have come to realize that one of the questions that seminarians and those contemplating on enrolling in the Seminary struggle with has to do with trying to ascertain whether such a venture is worth the effort. This may be your particular struggle at the moment.

Indeed going through the Seminary is a lot of hard work. As such, there will be moments of spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological discouragement. At such moments, asking the question whether being in the Seminary is worth the effort will not be out of place. As the popular saying goes, “Nothing good comes easy.” The same is true with Seminary education.

For some of you who are contemplating on enrolling in the Seminary but are presently not very sure whether you are on the right track, such a feeling is normal. This may be as a result of fear and uncertainty about the future. Believe you me, most of us in the Seminary once thought like this in the past but we now live to ever remain grateful to God for the privilege to be in the Seminary. I can assure you that going to the Seminary is one of those rare privileges God has given few of us to be partakers. Whatever your fears and struggles may be at the moment, be comforted in the fact that you are doing the right thing and you will live to glorify God for giving you this awesome privilege to study His Word at a deeper level in the Seminary.

The fact of the matter is that going to Seminary may not appear to worth the effort and headache at the start, but it will eventually someday, somehow. Many of us who went to the Seminary struggled with this kind of uncertainty at the early stage of our education. Some even had this type of struggle before they thought of applying to the Seminary. But those who remain focus will always live to be happy they had the privilege to attend the Seminary.

Let me state without any ambiguity that going to the Seminary pays off at the end of the day. This is because there are a lot of benefits attached to that.

In the first place, it avails you the opportunity to study the Word of God in more depth than you would have had the opportunity if you had not gone to the Seminary.

Another benefit is that it provides you the opportunity to draw closer to God. Ideally, the task of theological education is first of all supposed to help you grow in your knowledge of God, His Word, and His world vis-à-vis drawing you closer in fellowship with Him.

Not only that, the Seminary also provides you the opportunity to be adequately trained for ministry. Logically speaking, if you are exposed to God’s Word at a deeper level, you should be able to use that knowledge to serve Him and others more effectively.

Are you in the Seminary but feeling discouraged and a sense of uncertainty about it? I encourage you not to give up. Are you contemplating going to the Seminary but are unsure about the future? I encourage you to take a bold step to enroll. If you do, you will never live to regret!

By Seth Kajang Bature. Seth is a student at Westminster Theological Seminary, PA.

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