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Chafer Theological Seminary

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Warmest greetings from Chafer Theological Seminary!

We extend a hearty welcome as you investigate CTS.

We hold a high view of scripture’s inspiration and are committed to plain interpretation of God’s Word. Thus our biblical theology holds to the sufficiency of scripture, the freeness of God’s grace, and sees the distinctive roles in God’s plan for Israel and the Church.

CTS will equip you to study, preach, and teach from the original languages of the Bible, thus fully preparing you for a lifetime of effective ministry. May the Lord bless your efforts to discover the best school for future ministry.

Our Distinctives include:

Literal Hermeneutics
We adopt a consistent, literal (historical, grammatical, and contextual) hermeneutic in every portion of Scripture.

Emphasis on Greek and Hebrew Exegesis
We share the deep conviction that teaching the Word of God itself builds believers in the faith for fruitful service. Therefore, Greek and Hebrew exegesis is foundational to our school’s educational program.

Dispensational Theology
As a result of our literal hermeneutic, we are dispensational; i.e., we believe that Israel and the Church are distinct entities and that God’s purpose in history is doxological.

The Sufficiency of Scriptures
We believe in the complete adequacy of Scripture, for in it God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. We hold, therefore, that the Word of God by itself is sufficient to prepare a person for a lifetime of effective ministry.

The Freeness of God’s Grace
We hold fast to free grace–the view that God saves mankind by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. No works before, during, or after the moment of initial faith in Christ contribute anything to the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life that one receives through faith in Jesus Christ. The absence of good works during or after the moment of faith subtracts nothing from one’s eternal position in Christ. However, good works determine whether one will receive eternal rewards.

Accreditation: Not Accredited

PO Box 93580
Albuquerque, NM 87199

Admissions email:

Phone: 505-858-8639
Fax: 505-858-1507

President: Dr. Andrew Woods

Chancellor: Dr. George Meisinger

Denomination: Non-affiliated

Approved degrees: Masters of Biblical Studies and Masters of Theology

Affiliate locations: Distance learning available

Extension campuses: Distance learning available

Comprehensive distance ed program (Y/N):
MBS, yes. The ThM not in its entirety, but soon will be.

Fall 2016 Data

Enrollment: 30

Full-time faculty: 0

Part-time faculty: 12

7 Reviews

  1. This is the seminary for those who want to learn how correctly divide the Word of God. Soundness in the doctrine stands out. Differences in theological views are thoroughly explained. Solid rock teaching based on high value of original languages and literal historical grammatical method of interpretation. Want to know what text says versus buts, ifs and hows – should study here.

  2. In a sea of seminaries that offer more pop-psychology training and leadership seminars than they do Biblical exegesis, Chafer stands out as a leader for preparation in solid, dispensational, exposition of the Scriptures. With a strong emphasis on languages and a solid and unwavering doctrinal commitment, Chafer should be at the top of any students consideration for theological training.

  3. Highest rating for steadfast approach to inerrancy and hermeneutics, core instruction in original languages, and the by-products of these things: sound doctrine. Great instruction, devoted board, and many other elements make Chafer a wonderful choice.

  4. For those interested in serious Bible Study, Chafer has what it takes – Hebrew and Greek. Most other seminaries are very weak in this, the most important area. Why settle for less?

  5. Chafer seminary is one of very few schools left that hold to sound, Biblical doctrine. The training is excellent, very flexible for distance learning and allows a thorough absorption of material. An excellent school for helping to equip people to rightly handle God’s Word.

  6. Chafer Seminary is one of the few schools left worth attending. Each student will walk away better equipped to handle the Word of God. They hold to a strong free grace perspective while putting heavy emphasis in the languages. Chafer Seminary is one of the best schools out there in my honest opinion.

  7. Chafer seminary is one of the few seminaries that is retaining doctrinal integrity and an emphasis on the original languages. The quality of training is top notch!

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