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Part Time Seminary Job – Great Pay!


Finding a part time job in seminary can be difficult. Finding a good paying part time job in seminary is even harder. I speak from experience.

That can all change for you, just come to work for us!

We’re currently looking for seminary students to write for our blog, and we’re willing to pay $10 per post.

Think about it. A post will take you 30 minutes to write (15 if you’re super fast). In that case you’d be making $20-$40 a hour! What part time job pays that AND lets you work whenever you want?

So, if you’re interested in blogging for us, just visit¬†¬†and drop us a line. Include your current seminary status and a link to any blogs you’ve written at previously (if you have any) and we’ll get you more info.

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  1. Thank you for this!

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