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Sioux Falls Seminary

Sioux Falls Seminary

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Sioux Falls Seminary, a North American Baptist Seminary, has been equipping servant leaders who engage the mission of Jesus Christ since 1858. The seminary was founded in Rochester, New York, and moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 1949. In addition to its affiliation with the North American Baptist Conference, Sioux Falls Seminary serves the educational needs of the many denominations in its region.

Strongly evangelical, Sioux Falls Seminary has been offering its students practical ministry experiences for years. Students are placed in churches or other places of ministry where they are able to preach, teach, and lead worship or see clients through the seminary’s Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, all of which enhance classroom instruction. Today, with its distance learning options, Sioux Falls Seminary is paving new roads in Contextual Learning by seeking to reach students who cannot relocate to Sioux Falls or commit to seminary full time. Personalized learning options, flexible scheduling, online and hybrid courses, and more are offered to all students to help meet their needs.

ATS Member Status: Accredited

2100 South Summit Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57105-2729

Phone: 605-336-6588
Fax: 605-335-9090

G. Michael Hagan, President Ph: 605-274-2701, 605-336-6588
Ronald D. Sisk, Academic Vice President and Dean Ph: 605-336-6588

Denomination: North American Baptist Conference

Fall 2011 Data as prepared for ATS:
Enrollment: 149 (81.6 FTE)
Faculty Full Time: 9
Faculty Part Time: 23

Approved Degrees: MDiv, MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, MA in Counseling, MA in Christian Leadership (preliminary), MA (Bible and Theology), DMin

Omaha, NE
Approved Degrees: MDiv, DMin

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

4 Reviews

  1. I am a student at Sioux Falls seminary and can’t say enough good things about it. The professors are knowledgable, personable and helpful. The community is top notch. I’d recommend SFS to anyone looking for ministry training.

  2. I came to Sioux Falls Seminary three years ago, as a transfer from another Seminary. I was tired of traveling and wanted to be closer to home and family for my education. What I found was a small evangelical school where I could pursue my Master of Divinity with a caring and knowledgeable staff. The class sizes are small, so class discussions are rich. I have found every staff member to be wise and student-centered. Seminary years can be difficult, but Sioux Falls Seminary provides a community of faith to support its students through this time of learning and growth. The professors understand adult learners and I appreciate the varied styles of teaching to meet student’s different learning needs. Sioux Falls Seminary is a place where you can be nurtured along your journey as you discover your ministry in the world.

  3. Sioux Falls Seminary is a home I didn’t expect to find. When I decided to go back to school I imagined it would be another homework experience, but what I found instead was a community that has fully surrounded and supported me. This support has extended beyond just academics. I have felt time and again the true and deep concern of my professors to help me develop intellectually as well as spiritually. My relationship with my heavenly Father has flourished, and my understanding of Scripture has already reached depths beyond what I could have hoped, and I’m not finished yet. I could not have been paired with a better academic advisor who has been so personally invested in my journey through seminary, and is incredibly hands on and active to help me pursue areas of interest we have discussed.

    As for the city of Sioux Falls I must admit I was apprehensive to move here at first, but I very quickly began to enjoy my surroundings. Day by day the city has grown on me with its seemingly never ending amenities; miles of bike/running trails, a trendy downtown area full of boutiques and great shopping, endless great restaurants to discover, city events and sports, and so on. Also, the slower pace of Sioux Falls is a nice contrast to the business that comes with being a seminary student. I could not be in a better place. It’s such a blessing.

    I highly, highly recommend Sioux Falls Seminary to any prospective student that might be searching for a home.

  4. One would not perhaps consider Sioux Falls, SD as a place to look for a great seminary education. However, within my first few weeks of beginning my education there, I quickly realized that this was a special place. It has been several years now since I have graduated from Sioux Falls Seminary (SFS), but the professors that invested in my life and the fellow classmates I met there continue to be some of the most key people in my support system as I continue on in ministry.

    The three years I spent working on my Master of Divinity prepared me for ministry in ways and areas I never knew I needed to grow in. Not only did Sioux Falls Seminary prepare me intellectually with great courses in Biblical Studies and Theology. But, and this is what I believe sets SFS apart, it also prepared me in practical ways and grew me spiritually. There was great classes in Administration, Preaching, and Youth Ministry. There is a strong Supervised Ministry program and every student serves in a church or other ministry during their degree program. SFS also has a very strong and close-knit community of students. My classmates were not just people I saw in class, but people I did life with and ministered together with. The combination of theological, practical, and spiritual elements can be hard to find in one Seminary. I have had conversations with many of my other ministry friends, and continue to be grateful for the strengths of SFS and its influence in me as a minister.

    If you are looking for a great seminary education, great professors, and a great community, definitely visit Sioux Falls Seminary and see what they have to offer.

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