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Two Tips for Future Seminarians

While clearly not the only advice for prospective seminarians, here are two pieces of helpful advice.

1. Be a Student
That admonition means that prior to attending seminary, you should be studying, you should love to study, and you should seek to study. You should not just study books, but you should become a student of life. Of course, if you are still in college, you should continue to focus on your present major or field of study. Wherever you are, develop good study habits and be conscientious in all you do. But beyond that, fall in love with studying both God’s Word and God’s world. That means you should attempt to broaden your knowledge beyond your primary academic focus.

2. Read and Think
Read about life and think big about life. Recognize that you will be integrating a biblical world and life view into every arena of life and helping others to do so as well. Realize that in your ministry you will be dealing with people who themselves will be engaged in all sorts of diverse callings. It would be a great help to understand something about their professional pursuits. So study life from a mentality that flows from understanding that this is God’s world. Of course, you will always be limited in understanding God’s big world, but if you become a student of life, you will also be preparing to learn how to apply God’s Word to God’s world as well.

Post taken from RTS Professor Dr. Rod Culbertson‘s booklet “So, You Want to go to Seminary?” Used with permission.

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