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The North American Reformed Seminary

The North American Reformed Seminary

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We are a Reformed Christian seminary that seeks to educate the body of Christ completely free of charge. Our ministry will enable Christians to get a seminary level education without going into debt (Rom 13:8). This allows our graduates to focus on God’s call in their lives instead of how they can best pay off their seminary debt. Not only will this help our students by keeping them out of debt, it will also help small churches retain educated pastors without having to pay a large salary to offset their seminary education debt.

Our mission is to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen His Church through seminary level Reformed education. We seek to bring glory to God and expand His kingdom by training up Christians to minister in His name.

ATS Member Status: non-accredited

8290 Stardust Trail
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Phone: 928-286-7241
Fax: N/A

Dr. Lawrence E. Bray, President
Dr. Bill Bauerle, VP of International Affairs

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Fall 2011 Data:
Enrollment: 225
Faculty Full-Time: 4
Faculty Part-Time: 45

Approved Degrees: AATS, BATS, MATS, MDiv, DMin, DD

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

24 Reviews

  1. I have been enrolled at TNARS for about a year and I am loving it! I am the pastor of a small church in Lima, OH who was saved later in life and was first taught that preachers did not need an education. I have studied my way into Reformed Theology using Calvin’s Commentaries. Then I became a great fan of the Puritans and am firmly settled in the Reformed Camp. TNARS has been a huge blessing for me as I study while fulfilling the office and duties of a pastor. I could not gain this education any other way and still fulfill my duties to family and Church. In addition, the curriculum is fabulous! I am loving every minute of it.

  2. TNARS is a great school which utilizes a robust curriculum with many classic works, a one on one mentoring model with qaulified faculty, and all this at no cost. It is a great option for a reformed education for ministry preparedness. Great program.

  3. TNARS is a great seminary for those who can’t afford, due to time or finances, the brick-and-mortar option.

    The study load is demanding, however, and students have a vibrant healthy relationship with a local church to develop spiritually. Otherwise the wealth of knowledge will ‘puff’ the head without enlarging the soul.

    All in all, its a pity its not accredited!

  4. I experience grace attending TNARS. The encouragement from my mentor Mr Elifson and Dr Bray is tremendous. That keeps me going. I grow despite slowly. I am challenged so much from the readings and lectures that always drive me to ask and dig for more, wanting to know how to apply knowledge into life, how to communicate with others what I understand. How to live out what I learn, not the mind satisfaction alone but linking it with the heart and put it into action. Mr Elifson and Dr Bray always lead me back to see from a Christ-centered perspective. Through the interaction, it directly and indirectly affects my reality, my parenting skills, my relationship with others and my faith and love for God.
    TNARS is the second best thing I have known after salvation.

  5. TNARS is an excellent seminary with a challenging curriculum. People may think the “free” tuition means no cost…don’t fool yourself, this is no cakewalk. No drive-by degrees with this seminary. The subjects require study and work. The faculty, who volunteer their time and energy and readily make themselves available to their students, expect the appropriate degree of attention and academic effort. I, for one, am really greatful for their patience. I don’t agree with the lower “locations” rating. How can a 24/7 online seminary have any more accessibility? Global access is about as good as it gets. 5 Stars all the way around!!!!

  6. I am excited and encouraged about the work that The North American Reformed Seminary is doing. I have been in both part-time and full-time ministry for more than a dozen years and have been trying to work toward my MDiv for the past few. Between trying to support my family and do the ministry, it was seeming that I would never be able to afford to complete my studies. Then I did an internet search and found TNARS. I love the classes and am benefiting greatly from what I am learning. I have a great mentor to help through the difficulties both in my studies and in my ministry. What a blessing that has been. I look forward to the work as much as to the completion of it. Without TNARS, I would probably never have this opportunity. Thanks TNARS and Thank You, Lord!

  7. Without the opportunity of a free seminary education that God has allowed TNARS to offer I wouldn’t be able to study in this manner. TNARS offers a solid study program that is richly filled with solid biblical truth.

  8. I am a first year as a student a the North American Reformed Theological Seminary enrolled in the M.Div. program. I would testify that this is the best kept secret out there for anyone sensing the call of God on their life towards preparation for ministry. The course work is top notch and the school’s philosophy of mentoring is right on. I thank God for there investment in my life and to the Kingdom.

  9. As a faculty member, etc., at TNARS, I can assure any inquirers that though our education is free of charge, it is real education, and students work for their degrees with directed reading and writing papers and other assignments appropriate to the specific course. Interaction between students and faculty through the various media technologies now available means that students can have instruction and questions answered at any time. All of our faculty have advanced degrees in theology and are more than qualified to review the work of our students.

  10. TNARS is the answer to the desire for quality level seminary education without getting into the bondage of debt. I’m thankful to be a part TNARS and I look forward to be a part of its alumni. May future generations of TNARS students be blessed in their academic endeavors provided by the rigorous education provided by this excellent seminary as much as the present generation is.

  11. TNARS is an excellent place to gain a richer understanding of the gospel of Christ without some of the disadvantages of a more expensive education. I have appreciated the flexibility of my curriculum, as it has afforded me the opportunity to study more deeply in things I have more interest in, as well as allowing me to pursue my desire to translate some of Theodore Beza’s writing out of Latin.

  12. The North American Reformed Seminary is a bless to humanity mostly for my self with her qualitative free education that changes life positively. REIGN ON TNARS

  13. Awesome seminary and ministry. Completely free, and recognized by the PCA, OPC, etc.

    TNARS is definitely worth bookmarking, and sharing with friends.

  14. i am a new student at THE NORTH AMERICAN REFORMED SEMINARY.
    however, in the MASTER OF DIVINITY program, i am delighted to know this seminary is committed to the very best in its presentation of REFORMED THEOLOGY. DR. MICHAEL PHILLIBER is
    my mentor and has been a tremendous asset to me in my studies.
    i count it an honor to be admitted and i thank DR.LAWRENCE BRAY and all that are at T.N.A.R.S. for that priviledge.

  15. I began seminary fresh out of Bible college and was already $4000 in debt after only one semester. After 10 years of full-time ministry I had resigned myself to the reality that I would probably never finish my seminary education. A friend told me about The North American Reformed Seminary and I had to check it out. They offer just about everything I’m looking for in terms of studies and all at my own pace in a way that doesn’t interfere with my responsibilities with my church. The way they make use of the free resources available all over the internet is incredible. I’m so excited to finally be on my way to pursuing God and better knowledge of the Bible and theology from a distinctly reformed perspective without paying for it for the next ten years.

  16. TNARS is a great seminary for the working family man who is not able to quit his job and relocate his family.

    I finished the AATS program and am currently enrolled in the BATS.

  17. I started this program 4 months ago and it has been a life changer for me! I absolutely love it! The no cost part is great but I am incredibly blessed by how comprehensive it is!
    I had already changed my life.

    • Now that you’ve been in the program a while, would you care to let me know how it’s going? I just applied today and would like to hear from someone that’s further along in the process. Thanks

      • How has the process being for you? I’m thinking about applying.

      • Any updates on the experience? These are all old comments, and I am applying now to this school and would love comments and updates. Thanks!

  18. TNARS is by far the best distance-based seminary with one of the most rigorous programs for Reformed theology. The fact that TNARS is a free seminary in no way detracts from the quality of its educational offerings.

  19. The North American Reformed Seminary is a wonderful option for those who are serving the church in a full-time capacity, yet you are striving to continue their education. The academic training is rigorous, yet flexible, allowing a man to continue to serve the church and raise a family while at the same time pursuing his degree. In addition, you can’t beat the cost.

    The mentors are godly men were not only concerned about one’s academic performance but also one spiritual life.

    This is a great seminary and I am thankful that the Lord has given pastors and laypeople alike this option.

  20. TNARS is an excellent school that provides a high quality Christian education. When you graduate you can be assured that you will be 100% debt-free.

    Jerry Kinard
    AATS 2010, TNARS

  21. Great free seminary that focuses on ministry and growing leaders rather than having them jump through hoops. Unaccredited, but recognized as a quality seminary by several denominations and pastors, myself included.

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