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Wycliffe College, founded in 1877, is an evangelical Anglican community of learning, accredited with the Association of Theological Schools, located within the University of Toronto, and a member of the Toronto School of Theology. The college serves the educational mission of the Church by challenging and encouraging those who seek a fuller understanding of Jesus Christ and his transforming power.

Wycliffe assists in the theological formation of Christian men and women from all denominations, trains those who are called to specific lay and ordained ministries, and fosters excellence in theological scholarship, through innovative affordable programs designed to meet the needs of the Church in the 21st century. In addition to our Master of Divinity program we offer a stream for those considering Pioneering Ministries. Those students choosing the Master of Theological Studies program can also choose to specialise in International and Urban Development.

On-line learning is available with two courses offered each semester. Each year our Summer School offers both on-line and intensive courses.

ATS Member Status: Accredited

5 Hoskin Avenue
Toronto, ON M5S 1H7

Phone: 416-946-3535
Fax: 416-946-3545

George R. Sumner, Principal Ph: 416-946-3521

Denomination: Anglican Church of Canada

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 267 (165.2 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 8
Faculty Part-Time: 17

Approved Degrees: MDiv, MRel, MTS, DMin, ThM, ThD

Wycliffe students can also study for a PhD or a MA through participation in the Toronto School of Theology.

Comprehensive distance education program: Online courses offered providing the opportunity for ten credits toward an MTS degree.

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15 Reviews

  1. I am a current M.Div. student at Wycliffe. This is my second graduate degree in theology.

    Wycliffe is an exemplary seminary in terms of its academic rigor and commitment to building community (including commuter students).

    Wycliffe has a diverse cultural and theological student body which lends itself to edifying class dynamics.

    The professors at Wycliffe work in the top of their respective fields. As a student, you are getting a top-notch theological education. More than that, the professors show an active care for the formation of their students and in their lives beyond the classroom.

    I will leave Wycliffe theologically and spiritually formed for my work in parish ministry.

  2. I have completed two degrees at Wycliffe, and MTS and a PhD. I have always found it to be a warm, inviting place of community, with a solid emphasis on spiritual formation to go along with top-notch academics. The members of faculty are approachable, knowledgeable, and concerned as much for the cultivation of a life of the Spirit as the cultivation of the mind. The administration is friendly and helpful, and really want students to succeed. All of this, combined with the world-class resources of the University of Toronto, make Wycliffe among the most appealing of schools for theological education.

  3. I am in the process of finishing up my MREL at Wycliffe, and my experience over the past few years has been pleasant, educational, and rewarding. Wycliffe is firmly Anglican, yet exceptionally welcoming of students from other traditions, such as myself. Though I come from a theological background which clearly placed me in a minority doctrinally (though still thoroughly orthodox) at Wycliffe, I never felt that I was not welcomed to share my positions. I was also given the academic freedom to research within my own particular tradition. The professors are down-to-earth, scholarly individuals who seem to genuinely care about the students. The courses offered were academically stimulating, theologically insightful, and personally rewarding.

  4. Wycliffe college is a pretty amazing place/experience. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the location is cool and grants you access to a long list of amenities and experiences. The college itself is right in the heart of T.S.T. (Toronto School of Theology) and the building gives you access not only to the other seminaries in the area, but dozens of University of Toronto’s facilities all within a 5-10 minute walk.

    That’s all pretty impressive before you even get to the real strengths of going to Wycliffe. I’ve broken it down into a few categories.

    STAFF: Wycliffe College has incredible staff and faculty. The staff is helpful, gracious, knowledge, and very capable. There’s no issue that can come up that they are not on top of, and willing to work with you through.

    The faculty are brilliant with some amazing biblical and theological minds, including; George Sumner, Ephraim Radner, Joseph Mangina, John Bowen, Brian Walsh, Ann Jervis, and Christopher Seitz to name but a few. You’ll find yourself challenged and engaged by some of the leading minds today.

    Perhaps the most impressive part of the make up of Wycliffe’s faculty is how attentive and invested they are; it’s one thing to have incredibly gifted people teaching and equipping you, but it’s entirely another thing to have those same people invested in your life as you wrestle through hard questions and develop a deeper engagement with theology, Scripture, and the world.

    COMMUNITY: The community at Wycliffe is one of its stronger points. The varied backgrounds of the students and staff here always makes for an engaging, meaningful blend. There’s a real sense of family and belonging in the dorms, and in general as you enjoy each class, chapel, and event at Wycliffe.

    Having spent time at various other institutions engaging the culture there, I’ve always noticed a difference at Wycliffe, and it’s one the big reasons I decided to pursue my education here. When you can combine world-class academics with such a rich community life, it’s hard to go wrong!

    ACADEMICS: It’s pretty easy to rest on the “Yale North” tag with the recent influx of Yalies to Wycliffe, and it’s obviously always been a well respected institute for an above-average education, but as much as all that is true, what helps set Wycliffe apart is the fact that students are placed in the middle of one of the world’s leading universities, University of Toronto, and attached to T.S.T., which gives opportunity for cross-denominational and inter-disciplinarian study.

    Being able to access other amazing institutions (I highly recommend you grab a course at Regis College while you’re here) only adds to the richness of the Wycliffe experience. There is a sense of being a part of something bigger here, and in a small community that’s a tremendous cherry on top of an already well-iced cake.

    AWARENESS: Wycliffe also has another thing going for it– it’s not just a stuffy institution that, while academically excellent– is very ‘behind’ or unaware of what’s actually going on ‘out there’. Quite the opposite. Wycliffe has been a leading center for evangelism and rethinking how we ‘do church’ (which is made so much more sound by its liturgical rooting).

    John Bowen and Brian Walsh have been particularly insightful and have lead the charge in various fields and practices, including Fresh Expressions from England, and various theology of culture issues.

    Wycliffe is very involved in the ideas of international and local development. Social justice, homelessness, equality, and sustainability are all actively engaged and pursued from a responsible Christian standpoint.

    There is a lot here to like, engage, and grow in. No place ‘has it all’, but Wycliffe sure seems to come pretty close. It’s hard to argue when you look at all the different facets and start to get a sense of what life here is really like. It’s been an amazing time for me!

  5. I am in the final term of my M.Div at Wycliffe and will be graduating this spring (2012). Wycliffe is a fantastic seminary. The professors are incredibly sharp and bright and also very friendly and warm. The location in the heart of Toronto at the University of Toronto is great. The price is right (a little over $500 per credit!). The community is second-to-none.

    I should also note, in contrast to Kelly’s statement above, that while Wycliffe is obviously Anglican there are many other denominations represented there. As a Pentecostal in no way did I feel that I was expected to “conform their ideas to Anglican ideals.”

  6. Wycliffe is a very personable little school. The professors are very knowledgeable and willing to connect with students. It is VERY Anglican though, not only in its traditions and chapel services. Anglican theology is taught and expected to be adhered to in the classrooms. People of other denominations are welcome, but they are expected to conform their ideas to Anglican ideals.

    • As a non-Anglican who spent three years at Wycliffe, I personally did not feel pressure to conform to Anglican beliefs or practices. Then again, I was not in any ministry stream. Nonetheless, the college is clearly Anglican. However, it embraces other Christian traditions. I was encouraged to attend chapel, but only went three times in my three years there.

  7. Wycliffe has been more than a respectful academic institution, it has been a true faith-based-community. In spite of having several denominational backgrounds among the students, those were not constraints to build genuine friendships and wonderful debates. Faculty, staff, and senior students are intentional in welcoming new members. The environment at Wycliffe invites to seek and search for new ways to be authentic in ministry and reachout to others. It is located in an strategical spot where we have access to public, TST and U of T services. At Wycliffe I have learned to enjoy the uniqueness of the combination of study and worship. I am a MTSD student and this is my last year. Coming to Wycliffe is one of the best decisions I made I was challenged and inspired to continue to the next level.

  8. I studied at Wycliffe full time for three years. I found it to be a supportive and community-centred place. Since Wycliffe is federated with the University of Toronto, many of the degrees are granted cojointly with the University of Toronto. This means students have access to all the libraries, athletic facilities, and the many other services of the university.

    Another thing I appreciated about Wycliffe is it is part of the Toronto School of Theology. This means a student can take electives at other TST schools and all these schools, with the exception of one, are within a 15 minute walk of each other. These schools often differ in tradition and theology, so one can, if they want, be challenged by different Christian traditions and perspectives.

  9. If you are looking for solid Bible-based theology within an environment that strives to spread the word through actions, Wycliffe is the place to go. Despite being relatively Orthodox in its teaching, the challenges of feminists (me) and literalists alike are encouraged and debates rage long into the night. If you are into “smells and bells”, Wycliffe probably wouldn’t work because it is rather light on liturgy compared to Trinity, for example. But if you intend to knock on doors and hearts, you couldn’t find a better College. And it is part of the University of Toronto with all the advantages of living in an oasis of academic excellence while being only steps away from the heart of the safe and exciting city of Toronto. Placements range from the smallest to the largest churches and from inner city to the most prosperous of neighbourhoods. Coming from the largest Anglican Church in Cnaada, I was placed at both a hospital where I work as a multi-faith chaplain and in the smallest storefront church/food bank — where I am now the rector. Breadth and depth are to be found as a Wycliffe student. I highly recommend it.

  10. This is my second year as a p/t Wycliffe student working on my MDiv.
    Despite working on my education from afar (I live in Northern Ontario), my learning has not been hindered and I have never been treated as any less of a student than those right on campus. The online learning system is stellar and professors have been eager to communicate via email, Skype or phone whenever required.

    My visits to the campus for summer classes have been amazing experiences and I look forward to full-time studies on campus next fall.

    The commitment to true theological study, Christ always as the centre, is apparent and the dedication to fostering theological thought in the minds of students is amazing.

  11. I appreciated Wycliffe’s contribution to the Church during my M.Div. studies years ago, and continue to appreciate Wycliffe during my present studies now. I believe it offers good academic resources, and formation in Christian discipleship and leadership. I believe being able to draw on the resources of the wider Toronto School of Theology is an asset.

  12. I have been at Wycliffe for many years: for my MTS and for my doctorate in theology. Wycliffe has the advantage of being connected to one of the world’s finest universities – the University of Toronto – while itself offering a faculty that is thoroughly familiar with their fields of study and passionate about what they teach. There have also been some changes in recent years that have made Wycliffe a world-class theological institution that offers the highest in intellectual rigour while remaining dedicated to an evangelical Anglican tradition.

  13. Though not Anglican myself, I originally came to Wycliffe because of its academic reputation… and I have not been disappointed. I have appreciated how the professors have balanced solid scholarship with evangelical conviction, challenging my way of thinking without abandoning the fundamentals of the faith. They have left me with the tools for sound exegesis of Scripture and a vision for serving the church for the glory of God. I have also felt well guided in my journey through my Masters and Doctoral degrees. I have enjoyed my time here very much.

  14. I attended Wycliffe for its MTS program, and graduated from the MTS in Urban and International Development stream.

    My time at Wycliffe was excellent and incredibly formational. The classes were academically challenging, while still being faith-building. Theology is a unique discipline in that it is not purely academic, but also an integral part of one’s self. It’s this combination that makes seminary different than studying something like mathematics, and the professors did an excellent job at engaging the academic material, while presenting it in a way that enriched the faith of students. The professors were knowledgeable, well-regarded, and approachable, and used a variety of teaching methods.

    In addition, I found the staff to be warm, kind and helpful (and still do – in fact I joined the staff team once I was finished my studies.)

    Wycliffe is more than just academics though. They do a great job at building community beyond the classroom, with a weekly Community Eucharist and supper for students, staff, and their families. Wycliffe does a great job at integrating students into the life of the College, and community events are a wonderful chance to get to know fellow students outside of academics.

    Its location in downtown Toronto, in the heart of the UofT campus makes it quite central and easily accessible. It also provides students with access to UofT services. It’s the best of both worlds – a school where people know each other, with the student services and amenities of a large university.

    Wycliffe has been ranked highly by other sources, and has a reputation as an evangelical school with a high regard for academics. It was these things that made me choose Wycliffe initially, and once I arrived, I found it to be true.

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