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Wesley Biblical Seminary

Wesley Biblical Seminary

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Wesley Biblical Seminary is not your ordinary seminary. At WBS, we believe that academic excellence means nothing apart from a transforming relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that impacts every aspect of one’s personhood. Furthermore, we believe that the purpose of seminary education is not simply for the accumulation of knowledge, but for the preparation for service. That is why at WBS your head, heart and hands will all be engaged in ways you have never experienced before. Are you ready for the difference that is Wesley Biblical Seminary?

ATS Member Status: Accredited

PO Box 9938
Jackson, MS 39286-0938

Phone: 601-366-8880
Fax: 601-366-8832

James Porter, President Ph: 601-366-8880
Daniel L. Burnett, Vice President for Academic Affairs Ph: 601-366-8880

Denomination: Inter/Multidenominational

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 137 (69.1 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 7
Faculty Part-Time: 3

Approved Degrees: MDiv, MDiv Teaching, MDiv Honors Research, MA Apologetics, MA Biblical Literature, MA Christian Studies, MA Theology

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

4 Reviews

  1. Currently, I am pursuing my MDiv from WBS. The change in Presidents in 2013 has made a HUGE difference in the attitude and direction this Seminary is headed. We have Professors who are living by faith that God will provide for their every need while the transition takes place to keep WBS moving forward.

    What better Professors to learn from than those that actually are living in Faith for their every need?!?

    This is my 3rd year at WBS and they have supported me through my Cancers, Tumor, and Chemo treatments. Even now with the Cancer gone they are still very interested in my Spiritual Growth and those of my classmates.

    This is the best Seminary and You will love it here!

    God Bless

  2. WBS really is a place where you can experience the difference! The difference of holistic education, personal mentoring, spiritual formation, and the best of Wesleyan-Arminian doctrine. I wouldn’t trade my experience at WBS! I am so excited to serve the Kingdom after being equipped there for ministry!

  3. Wesley Biblical Seminary is committed to not only educating people for ministry, but also to the spiritual formation of Christian leaders. Each professor has a vested interest in seeing students become well-rounded, faithfully obedient Christians. The school is also unique in that it is the voice in the Deep South for biblical holiness in the Wesleyan tradition. It is fully evangelical, and holds to the full inspiration and authority of the Bible. Its focus is also missional, and has sent out more missionaries per capita than most seminaries, as well as pastors and teachers into communities around North America. Personally, WBS has been key in my spiritual/intellectual formation, and has fully equipped me to minister in the local church and teach other ministry students on the college level.

  4. As a graduate of Wesley Biblical Seminary (2008) I cannot say enough about what this seminary has meant to me (and my family) in my formation and preparation for Christian service. While WBS is not the largest seminary in the world, nor does it boast the most resources or options, it is without doubt one of the highest quality seminaries in North America when it comes to academics, formation, and the overall seminary experience.

    WBS takes to heart its Wesleyan/trinitarian/evangelical convictions. It believes in the formation of the whole person, therefore the education at WBS will impact your mind, heart, and hands. The personal interaction you will experience with the faculty both in and outside of the classroom is unrivaled. The WBS faculty are incredible academically, but they have a pastoral concern for people. While all of them hold advanced degrees and are experts in their respective fields, none of them have distanced themselves from ministry at the level of the local church and all of them stay active in pulpits, Sunday school rooms, hospitals, prisons, clinics, on the radio, and at camp meetings across the US and world. These amazing people produce amazing graduates, and I consider myself blessed to have been called by God to such a marvelous community of holy men and women pursuing God.

    If you’re looking for fancy buildings and an endless list of possible degrees, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a high-quality theological education that will form you and prepare you for God’s calling on your life, complete with regular personal access to the faculty, assimilation into an amazing and supportive community network, along with a myriad of ministry opportunities, all in a very affordable package, come experience the difference that is Wesley Biblical Seminary.

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