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St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

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Theology and education for ministry are not simply academic pursuits. They involve the entire person, not just the intellect. At St Vladimir’s, academic study is important, just as it is at any institution of higher learning. But an Orthodox theological education is more than that. Indeed, there are several interrelated components to a theological education that are necessary to train future leaders and servants of the Church. Yet before these can even be identified, we must acknowledge a fundamental reality: there is no formula for what it takes to train a successful and faithful minister of the Church. Not all good pastors are brilliant academicians. Not all church leaders are great orators. Not all ministers are superb liturgical celebrants. Still, this does not mean that any of these skills can be dispensed with. Rather, they all play a complementary role in the cultivation of pastors, educators, and leaders in the Church, even if the degree to which these skills take root will vary considerably depending on the student.

St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary serves Christ, his Church, and the world through Orthodox Christian theological education, research, and scholarship, and the promotion of inter-Orthodox cooperation.

“In this way, the Seminary prepares students for ministry as bishops, priests, deacons, lay leaders, and scholars so that they may build up Orthodox communities, foster Church growth through mission and evangelism, teach the Orthodox faith, and care for those in need.

ATS Member Status: Accredited

575 Scarsdale Road
Crestwood, NY 10707

Phone: 914-961-8313
Fax: 914-961-4507

John Behr, Dean Ph: 914-961-8313
John Barnet, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ph: 914-961-8313

Denomination: Orthodox Church in America

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 60 (54.8 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 6
Faculty Part-Time: 11

Approved Degrees: MDiv, MA, ThM

Comprehensive distance education program: no

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