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St. Andrew’s College

St. Andrew’s College

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St. Andrew’s is recognized by the United Church as the primary centre for theological education and ordination in the Prairie region. It offers theological education and training to candidates for ministry, to lay people interested in theological studies, and to people in the ministry seeking further education.

Historically St. Andrew’s has always been a cradle of Prairie contextual theology emphasizing the study of scripture, theology, history, ethics, education, and pastoral care with careful attention to the significance of the gospel for the cultural, economic, and political realities facing the people of the prairies.

ATS Member Status: Accredited

1121 College Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W3

Phone: 306-966-8970
Fax: 306-966-8981
Lorne Calvert, Principal Ph: 306-966-8975

Denomination: United Church of Canada

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 41 (11.0 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 4
Faculty Part-Time: 2

Approved Degrees: MDiv, MTS, DMin, STM

Comprehensive distance education program: no

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