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Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

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Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is committed to equipping the next generation of Reformed preachers, pastors, and churchmen for Christ’s Kingdom. Our faculty train called men to glorify God and to serve the church with ordinary means of grace ministry. We endeavor to provide candidates for the ministry with theologically confessional, religiously experimental, academically rigorous, and personally crafted education.

Located in Upstate South Carolina, the seminary is particularly well suited to placing students in local church contexts where they will receive training for effectiveness as preachers, pastors, and churchmen. Graduates of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary enter into ministry with a burden for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Lost, and not a burden of debt.

Accredited by: Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS), Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS), Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC) – Great Lakes Presbytery

200 E. Main Street
P.O. Box 690
Taylors SC 29687

Phone: 864-322-2717
Fax: 864-322-2719

President: Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Denomination: Independent

Fall 2016 Data:
Enrollment: 57
Full Time Faculty: 7
Part Time Faculty: 5

Approved Degrees:

  • B.Div.
  • M.Div.
  • MAR
  • Master of Ministry for Ruling Elders
  • Master of Ministry for Deacons

Affiliate locations:
Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary (WPTS), Gateshead, England;
John Wycliffe Theological College (JWTC), Randburg, South Africa

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

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  2. Having nearly completed my studies at Greenville Seminary, I heartily recommend it to anyone desiring to study for gospel ministry. The professors love the Lord and they care pastorally for students. In addition to their academic credentials, the faculty have all been pastors. From their pastoral experience they give nuggets of ministerial wisdom, semester after semester, in the whole spectrum of study. The whole curriculum is oriented toward preparing men for ministry. This is the seminary to choose if you want solid training in conservative, biblical, Reformed orthodoxy.

  3. Greenville Seminary is committed to orthodoxy leading to piety. You will not find fanciful teachings arising from the drive to discover something new, but you will find solid, Biblical teaching arising from the desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the time I spent there, and I praise the Lord for the good work He is pleased to do through this institution.

  4. Greenville Seminary is committed to orthodoxy, and you will not discover fanciful teachings arising from a drive for new discoveries. Rather, you will find solid, Biblical teaching arising from the drive for practical piety and increased love for God. I am grateful for my time there, and I thank the Lord for the good work He is doing through this institution.

  5. Greenville Seminary has many excellent features:

    First, Greenville Seminary offers a classical curriculum: that is, rhetoric/grammar, logic, history of philosophy and three years of Greek — Greek being a pre-requisite for studying both systematic theology and church history. The M.Div. program is a thorough four-year program, longer than the typical course of study seen at other seminaries.

    Greenville Seminary teaches its students the tools and systems for dealing with the Word of God, instead of merely providing information about the Word. This is extremely important given the fact that pastors are not the intellectual leaders of the society they were in the past. Many godly believers are ad hoc in their approach to both their faith and their living. As a result, they see very little advancement in both their spiritual understanding and lives even though they work hard. The foundational skills taught at Greenville Seminary will enable its graduates to become competent workers in their fields and instruments to help those who love the Lord to be more profitable in their pursuit of spiritual advancement.

    Second, Greenville Seminary requires for every incoming student to study before the orientation and attend seminars during orientation on how to read and how to teach. This will help students to have a solid foundation for their future seminary study.

    Third, Greenville Seminary subscribes to one of the most conservative and orthodox doctrines of Christianity: the Westminster Standards. This is so valuable for everyone who loves the Lord, since correct doctrine is both glorifying the Lord and building up God’s people for this generation, which also leads the next generation both to uphold the orthodox faith and to enable them to glorify the Lord in their lives.

    Fourth, Greenville Seminary emphasizes preaching: knowing and believing that the Lord saves and edifies His people through preaching the Word. Every full-time student is required to attend three preaching sessions (chapel) during the week.

    Fifth, Greenville Seminary adopts a presuppositional approach in apologetics. This line of thinking is so important and so godly in defending the truth that no other method can even come close. The emphasis of God Himself, His providence, and His revealed word as ultimatums is both building up our faith and destroying the gainsaying of infidels. Every fact is interpreted fact, every statement has its own ultimate presuppositions. The exposing of those presuppositions is the best way both to correct the errors of God’s people and to refute the enemies of Christianity.

    Sixth, Greenville Seminary is very affordable.

    Seventh, Greenville Seminary has an excellent distance program that enable many students who can’t relocate to Greenville to receive the excellent theological training.

    Eighth, Greenville Seminary has some very reputable scholars.

    Ninth, Greenville Seminary has very high ethical standards as set forth in the student handbook.

    Tenth, Greenville Seminary understands its role in God’s Kingdom: a handmaid of God’s Church. The emphasis on a church mentoring program is so to the point that everyone who sees the failures of typical seminary graduates will appreciate its insight.

    Eleventh, Greenville Seminary assigns each student an advisor and requires students to meet their advisor weekly to share and to pray together.

    I am sure that Greenville Seminary has many other excellent features which I don’t know, since I am only a first-year student there. Given what I do know I earnestly appeal to everyone who is considering seminary education to explore Greenville Seminary.

  6. So…why do you want to go to seminary? To be a professional, or be a pastor?

    If your goal is to be a professional, Greenville Seminary isn’t for you; on the other hand, if you want to be a pastor, if you want to handle Greek and Hebrew with confidence, if you want to learn to become a fearless preacher, then Greenville Seminary is a phenomenal place to receive your education.

    In an atmosphere that has become increasingly dominated by “professionalism”, Greenville Seminary is a breath of much needed fresh air. The purpose for which Greenville Seminary exists is training pastors, not academics who are unable to bring the preached text home with penetrating power.

    The faculty here is, bar none, among the best in the world. Dr Pipa is a brilliant theologian, and a Christian gentleman to boot. Dr Morton Smith is now hoary with age, but his explanation of systematic theological categories and concepts is the epitome of lucid brevity, and his class on the Westminster Standards is worth the price of all four years on its own. Dr Sid Dyer is one of the most patient educators in the area of Biblical Languages I have ever met, and his heart is just as big as Texas. Dr Benjamin Shaw is easily the most intelligent man I have ever met, and is uniquely able to teach Hebrew with an eye toward the pulpit. Dr John Carrick is a gifted, gifted educator who will drive you to preach with clarity and textual fidelity. Dr Tony Curto brings his experience as a missionary in Ethiopia to every class on apologetics, demonstrating the need for the ability to defend the faith once for all delivered to the saints. If there is a weak link on this faculty, I’ve not found it yet!

    Singing this seminary’s praises is an easy task. If your goal is to become a shepherd of God’s flock, there is really only one question to answer. Why would you not attend Greenville Seminary??

  7. I have been involved with Greenville Seminary since near its beginning nearly 25 years ago, first as an auditor, then as a student completing a Master’s Degree for Ruling Elders, and since 1994 as a member of the Board of Trustees. Of course I am prejudiced in its favor, but nevertheless, after 50 years as a Presbyterian ruling elder, I regard Greenville Seminary as one of the top two Reformed seminaries in the United States.

    I know all the faculty men personally. They are godly, learned, and well qualified to prepare men as laborers in God’s harvest. I am particularly impressed with the way the seminary, in focusing on its principal emphasis of preparing men to preach the Gospel both here and abroad, emphasizes a balanced life of mastering all aspects of Biblical theology and practice, pursuing lives of experiential godliness, and learning to preach in a way that touches the heart as well as the mind.

    Considering its modest (but growing) size, the seminary has equipped a large number of men from outside our own country, which I hope will prove to be of strategic importance as the reign of King Jesus is extended through the world.

  8. I graduated from GPTS in May of 2009. There is not in seminary in the world, in my humble opinion, that does a better job of preparing men for the ministry. In a day and age where compromise, entertainment, and anti-intellectualism rules in the church, GPTS is training men in the “old paths”, where the biblical values of doctrinal precision (reformed theology), holiness of life, and principled service in Christ’s church is emphasized.

    The best thing about the seminary is their consistent efforts to teach, in all areas of the curriculum, how the Scriptures must be the final arbiter of truth. This applies equally in the areas of doctrine and practice.

    Another thing that was immensely helpful to me was the small faculty-student ratio. My professors were there for me; they cared about (not only) my academic success, but also about my spiritual well-being.

    If you are looking for a seminary where you will learn to preach God’s Word, shepherd God’s sheep, and rightly divide the Word of truth, then GPTS is for you!

  9. The faculty at GPTS exemplify an ardent love to Jesus Christ, a unique emphasis upon sound biblical and practical preaching, and a solid commitment to the Reformed Faith. This seminary stresses the necessity of biblical preaching as God’s primary means of grace in virtually every course. They require more Systematic Theology than most other seminaries as well as much more in Biblical languages. Greenville Seminary seeks to produce well-educated godly men who are committed to humble patience and prayer in seeking the Reformation and the Revival of the church. Even though this institution promotes great academic rigor, the primary stress falls upon a Christ-exalting ministry that depends upon the power of the Holy Spirit in all things. The best way to learn why GPTS is distinctive as a theological seminary is to be there on campus. I cannot recommend this seminary highly enough.

  10. For passionate, warm, detailed, pastoral, orthodox teaching look no further than GPTS. My four years at Greenville were time well spent in preparing me for the gospel ministry. I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend GPTS. In addition to the education, you’ll find the costs of both the seminary and lining in Greenville to be some of the lowest you’ll find. Furthermore the new campus building is excellent, and the upstate of South Carolina is a beautiful place to live.

  11. The landscape of theological education across America and all of Christendom is broad and highly varied. Sadly, the vast majority of seminaries have lost sight of the foundational truths revealed in God’s Holy Word and, in the face of Scripture’s clear warnings, have followed after false doctrines, abandoning the faith “once for all delivered to the saints.” Some who give lip service to orthodoxy are prone to flirt with provocative but questionable new perspectives; some who make no pretense toward orthodoxy proudly embrace the most despicable heresies. Many, in the spirit of the age, have lost sight of the importance of common doctrine and opt for “cutting-edge” theological innovation or a sentimental, contentless religion.

    By contrast, Greenville Seminary stands among a tiny handful of conservative theological institutions absolutely committed to the inerrant Word of God and the distinctive timeless tenets of Christian truth derived from it ? distinctives so eloquently set forth in the historic Reformed confessions. The GPTS distinctives include emphasis on the sufficiency and authority of Scripture, doctrinal integrity, the importance of the original languages of Scripture, the preservation of our Christian heritage, Christ-centered and heartfelt preaching, and accountability to the church.

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