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Puritan Reformed Seminary

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Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is committed to the conviction that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as originally written are God’s inerrant Word inspired by His Spirit and therefore are the only, sufficient, and infallible authority for faith and practice. Foundational to the character and mission of the seminary is its identity as a confessionally Reformed institution. Each faculty member, the seminary as an institution, and its supporting and governing denominations, Heritage Reformed Congregations, and Free Reformed Churches, subscribe the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith as expressed in the Ecumenical Creeds and the teaching of the Reformed faith as expressed in the Three Forms of Unity (The Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort) and the Westminster Standards of the 1640s. From these sources flow our Reformed perspective, our value system, our motivation for ministry, and our curricular emphases.

The specific goals of theological training at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary are:

  • To prepare men for the gospel ministry who will be able to understand and expound the Scriptures and who will truly believe, cordially love, and faithfully endeavor to propagate and defend Reformed theology.
  • To develop in the student an understanding of biblical experience and to promote his commitment to practical godliness, devotional piety, and Christian conduct in his personal, family, and ministerial life.
  • To equip the student with teaching, ministry, counseling, and leadership skills as well as to facilitate an understanding of human relationships, Christian living, and church administration, thereby assisting him to become a sound, sensitive, and edifying servant of the Word in his future ministry.
  • To provide for the church of Jesus Christ a supply of able and faithful ministers, missionaries, evangelists, and teachers qualified to divide the Word of truth rightly, to defend the Reformed faith and world view, and to win souls for Christ, caring for their eternal welfare and striving to promote holiness and peace among their people.

Since there is a pervasive impact of Reformed principles on all of life and on every aspect of the Christian ministry, the seminary aims to diligently expound, apply, and defend these goals and perspectives in every division and department of its curriculum

Accreditation: Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

Address: 2965 Leonard St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Admissions email:
Phone: 616-977-0599

President: Joel R. Beeke
Vice President: Michael P. V. Barrett

Denomination: Heritage Reformed Congregations and Free Reformed Churches2010/2011 Data:

Approved degrees: MA (Religion), MDiv, ThM

Comprehensive distance ed program: Yes

Fall 2014 Data
Enrollment: 81
Full-time faculty: 6
Part-time faculty: 10

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