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Payne Theological Seminary

Payne Theological Seminary

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Payne Theological Seminary, a free-standing graduate school mandated by the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) in 1844, is dedicated to the preparation of men and women for leadership in local, national, and global ministries. Payne Theological Seminary offers an Afrocentric theological education focusing on teaching and research that emphasize salvation which finds expression in liberation, reconciliation, social justice, and the dignity of all humankind. The Seminary values African American history, the African American experience, and the biblical tradition.

ATS Member Status: Accredited

1230 Wilberforce Clifton Road
PO Box 474
Wilberforce, OH 45384-0474

Phone: 937-376-2946
Fax: 937-376-3330

Leah Gaskin Fitchue, President Ph: 937-376-2946
William Augman, Academic Dean Ph: 937-376-2946

Denomination: African Methodist Episcopal

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 144 (127.0 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 3
Faculty Part-Time: 18

Approved Degrees: MDiv

Comprehensive distance education program: no

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3 Reviews

  1. Great Seminary

  2. I’ve attend PAYNE Seminary Online for 2 years and in my last year. It has been an excellent experience. The administration, faculty and staff’s exemplary support created a nurturing environment to learn and grow. The intensives and online classes provided quality feedback and practical experiences that I currently use in ministry. Payne has not tried to sway me in their own denominational theology, but has given me the space to re-imagine my own theology. Your money will be “well” spent to chose Payne Seminary.

  3. This seminary is top notch. The professors possess excellent credentials. Your brain becomes more active than it has ever been because of the questions that are posed.
    Payne was an experience that will live in my mind, heart and spirit forever! A+
    Rev EJ – author of Pleas, Praises and Promises which I started writing while a student at Payne.

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