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Calling, Context, and Walking On | Seminary Times

News from around the seminary world:

  • Walking On – This post on the Fuller blog explores one couple’s journey after seminary. It involves great loss and following a call. Pretty amazing stuff.
  • Greeking Out on Twitter – A helpful post from the folks at on a handful of Greek language nerds you should be following.
  • Greek Immersion in Seminary – Daniel Streett shares some thoughts on Greek Pedagogy and the seminary experience.
  • Love and Seminary – Matt reminds us that can’t teach love at seminary. That one is on you.
  • Taking it out of context – You’re a seminary student, so it is now your job to correct everyone who quotes a scripture out of context! Right?
  • Called and Confused – A helpful post from the folks at Boston University on how to figure out your calling once you’re in seminary.

Finally, Robert Coletti wanted to share what his seminary classroom looked like, so he tweeted a picture from his classroom. Looks comfy. Does your classroom look like this?

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