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John Leland Center for Theological Studies

John Leland Center for Theological Studies

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The John Leland Center for Theological Studies is named for the influential 18th century Virginia Baptist leader, John Leland, who is noteworthy for his opposition to slavery, his defense of freedom of the Gospel, and his advocacy in the cause of religious liberty.

Leland was founded in 1998 and offers classes in Northern Virginia, and several other locations throughout Virginia. Leland is a broadly evangelical, pan-Baptist institution whose students and faculty have ties to a wide array of denominations and churches. Leland Seminary was fully accredited to award its masters degrees by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in 2006. Leland is also a member of the prestigious Washington Theological Consortium.

ATS Member Status: Accredited

405 N. Washington Street, Suite 200
Falls Church, VA 22406

Phone: 703-812-4757
Fax: 703-812-4764

Mark Olson, President Ph: 703-812-4757
Jeffrey G. Willetts, Vice President, Academic Dean Ph: 703-812-4757

Denomination: Baptist General Association of Virginia

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 70 (36.5 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 2
Faculty Part-Time: 14

Approved Degrees: MDiv, MA in Christian Leadership (preliminary), MTS

Comprehensive distance education program: no

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2 Reviews

  1. I rate this school with high marks. It is relatively small yet it has several campuses around the state of Virginia and that shows the school is growing. The instructors have great qualifications and they are very interested to make sure students learn. The class sizes are small so you can really learn and get attention from instructors when you need help. The VP of the school is a Yale Divinity graduate. Others instructors graduated from prestigious schools in Britain. Very friendly atmostphere. Easy to get to via Metro trains and buses. Also, cannot beat the price. Highly recommend this school.

  2. I attend the John Leland Center Campuses in Falls Church, Arlington, and Hampton Roads. My overall experience was incredible. The only reason that I transferred was the drive time involved. The classes are small and all of the teachers are actually practicing pastors or ministry workers with accredited academic credentials. Leland is a Baptist seminary but if you of another denomination, you are made to feel welcome. Being in the Washington D.C. area also provides great opportunities for internships. The school has always focused on hands on training, using the medical school model. Time is spent in the class and in the field. I can strongly recommend the John Leland Center if you are looking for a high quality seminary education.

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