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Columbia International University – Seminary & School of Missions

Columbia International University – Seminary & School of Missions

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The Seminary & School of Ministry (SSM) offers undergraduate majors related primarily to church ministry and graduate degrees related primarily to ministry leadership. At both levels, the faculty seeks to equip Great Commission Christians for ministry in multi-cultural communities. Our goal is to graduate church and para-church workers who have a heart for the world as well as cross-cultural workers who have a heart for the Church.

Efficiency, customization, flexibility, and accessibility are key components of the curricular offerings.

All undergraduate students earn a major in Bible as well as a professional ministry major. Students who have taken at least thirty semester hours of Bible, Theology, and Church History as part of their undergraduate studies qualify for a shortened program of studies at the graduate level (Program 2). Students who earn their undergraduate degree from CIU have the opportunity to earn a BA and an MA in five years (4 +1) or a BA and an MDiv in six years (4 + 2).

ATS Member Status: Accredited

PO Box 3122
Columbia, SC 29230-3122

Phone: 803-754-4100
Fax: 803-786-4209

William H. Jones, President and CEO Ph: 803-807-5039
John D. Harvey, Dean Ph: 803-807-5363

Denomination: Inter/Multidenominational

Fall 2012 Data:
Enrollment: 541 (365 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 19
Faculty Part-Time: 12

Approved Degrees: MA (Muslim Studies), MDiv, MA in Bible Exposition, MA (Intercultural Studies), MA in Global Studies, MA in Ministry Care, MA in Ministry Leadership, MA (Theological Studies), DMin, MA in Chaplaincy

Korntal, Germany
Approved Degrees: MA (Biblical Theology in Global Perspective) , MA in Global Studies (preliminary), MA in Pastoral Counseling, MA (International Theological Education) (preliminary), DMin (preliminary), MA (Intercultural Leadership)

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

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  1. CIU is one of the best kept secrets of the evangelical world…in North America that is. Overseas and on the mission field CIU is well attested to. In my person experience, I’ve never studied under a more academically focused faculty who so authentically care for their students. In fact, the entire seminary seems designed around the student from affordable tuition/financial aid to individually geared degree programs. Despite its one location, courses and entire degrees are offered online and Jerusalem University College serves as a sister school in Israel. Additional benefits I’ve found are: not being theologically pigeon-holed since CIU is interdenominational and the ethnically & nationally diverse student population (I’ve studied with students from every continent…save Antarctica). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CIU to anyone interested in seminary. Brett

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