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Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago

Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago

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The Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School curriculum is designed to increase your knowledge of the Bible, to develop your ministry skills and to enrich your Christian life. Built upon the vision established by D.L. Moody 125 years ago, we ready you to effectively communicate God’s Word to the world.

The faculty of the Moody Theological Seminary are committed to higher education and are experienced pastors, cross-cultural educators and authors. Two have earned a doctor of ministry (D.Min.) degree, three have doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees, and two others have doctor of theology (Th.D.) degrees. One faculty member is enrolled in a Ph.D. program, another is enrolled in a doctor of education (Ed.D.) program and one just completed a second doctorate (D.Min.).
There are numerous opportunities at Moody for students to grow in their walk with the Lord and encourage one another. Students are encouraged through chapel services. Throughout the semester different student groups hold worship services, times of prayer and outreach events in which students participate. Mentoring opportunities are plentiful on campus, as well.

Moody is committed to creating a thriving Christian environment in the midst of the great city of Chicago, where students can be challenged by and benefit from interaction with their peers. The student body is comprised of students from all over the nation and across the world. This offers our students the opportunity to tap into the heart beat of global Christianity.

At Moody Theological Seminary, 42% of the incoming class of Fall 2012 are US-born ethnic minorities. 26% of the incoming class are international students. Therefore, 68% of the incoming Fall 2012 class are comprised of these important populations. Moody Theological Seminary is truly a diverse and rich spiritual community.

ATS Member Status: Accredited

820 N. LaSalle Blvd
Chicago, IL 60560

Phone: 800-967-4624
Fax: 312-329-8955
J. Paul Nyquist, President
John A. Jelinek, Vice President and Dean

Denomination: Inter/Multidenominational

Fall 2012 Data:
Enrollment: 587 (169 FTE) (28.79% full-time)
Faculty Full-Time: 15
Faculty Part-Time: 17

Approved Degrees: Master of Divinity (with an emphasis in either Pastoral Studies, Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, Intercultural/Urban Ministries, or Ministry Leadership), Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Master of Arts in Intercultural and Urban Studies, *Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, *Master of Arts in Christian Education, *Master of Theological Studies,+ Master of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies, Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies, Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, Graduate Certificate in Ministry Leadership, Graduate Certificate in Urban Studies, Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Studies.

* MI campus only
+ Moody Distance Learning only

Chicago, IL
Plymouth, MI

Comprehensive distance education program: Yes, all of the degrees offered, except the Master of Theological Studies, Master of Counseling Psychology, and Master of Christian Education, can be completed through a combination of online and modular formats.

The Graduate Certificate of Biblical Studies can be completed completely online. The distance education program also offers a fully online Master of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies degree.

7 Reviews

  1. Living in downtown Chicago is fantastic. There are a lot of wonderful, nice people at Moody, and you’ll definitely learn how to continue to mold and shape people in the tradition of your home church (assuming its the type of church that led you to apply to Moody). However, one of the goals of higher education is to read broadly and deeply, to ask big questions and uncover truth. Moody is middle of the road for conservative schools, but probably a little overcommitted to modernist traditions (although there are positive signs that this is changing).

  2. Excellent school. Passionate professors. High caliber education.

  3. There are a lot of excellent seminaries out there. Since you are reading this review, you probably know that already, and are looking for the best one—the school that best fits your current situation and future ministry.
    Let me give you a few specifics from my experience at Moody Theological Seminary (MTS) that will help you decide:

    Urban: It seems like everyone is talking about the city these days, and for good reason. Studying and living on a campus in the heart of America’s third-largest city (Chicago) has given me, not only classroom training, but also an education on the city. I didn’t just learn about it, I live it every day.

    Practical: I came to MTS because I wanted to get training on how to pastor a church, and I got just that. In addition to the standard stuff—Greek, Hebrew, Hermeneutics, Homiletics—we also got in the pool to practice preforming baptisms, studied the tax laws for pastors, and ministered in homeless shelters. For me, MTS has been the perfect blend of excellent theological training and practical application.

    Diverse: In my first-year Old Testament class, I counted 17 students (out of 31) who were born outside the U.S, representing 17 different countries, from 5 continents. That’s pretty much standard for MTS because of Moody’s long and rich history in world missions. My classmates have been musicians, doctors, nurses, engineers, chemists, biologists, artists, bankers, professors, current pastors, former pastors, military veterans, chaplains, Bible school graduates, and missionaries. Some are traditional students like myself, some are coming back for school in their retirement, some came from the corporate world, others from third-world slums.

    Personal: All of my professors know my name, and many of them know a lot more than that.

    Spiritually Enriching: Before coming to MTS, I had never experienced the feeling of being in a place so covered in prayer. Moody has numerous faithful donors who support the institute and pray for the students, in the same spirit that D. L. Moody prayed for the land on which Moody Bible Institutes still sits, 127 years later.

    That’s my MTS experience. I hope it helps you with your decision.

    -Stephen J. Anderson
    Third-year, Master of Divinity student

  4. Because Moody is located in the heart of downtown, you as a student have an opportunity to step right outside and take what your learning in the classroom, and practice and live it out with the people you meet on the streets. In talking to people in coffee shops, grocery stores, and even on the streets, time and time again, the thing that comes up in the conversation is this deep hunger for meaning and purpose and to see authentic practitioners of what they say they believe, to talk to them (instead of at them) in a language that they can understand.

    My time here at Moody not only has deepened my love and thirst to know the Word more and enriched my walk with
    Christ, but it has also helped me to develop skills and knowledge of how to do effective ministry that cares for the total person’s spiritual development. In addition, it has opened my eyes to why it’s so important to have the body of believers united, and how to authentically live in community with God and with other believers.

  5. A. Location. Moody on the northern side of Downtown Chicago: the perfect launch point for people planning to minister among the homeless and gang communities, as well as those seeking to minister among the wealthy and urban professional crowd.

    B. Diversity. Moody Bible Institute is known around the globe to have an incredible missions focus, and people from all over the world come to Moody to study. My favorite part about Moody is my international friends. I have learned so much about working on cross-cultural teams, as well as how to love people well, who come from cultures as different as the continents.

    C. Community. The on-campus community life is very strong. While there aren’t official “cohorts” here, there is a rich life among the other students.

    D. Opportunity for practical experience. Chicago has a ton of need, and Moody alumni are often deeply immersed in the most difficult areas. No matter what type of ministry the Lord is leading you to, there are people here who are doing it.

    E. Wow Factor. SInce coming here, it seems like Chicago is the epicenter for a lot of action in the Christian community. It’s been cool to meet such people as Ravi Zacharias, Sarah Groves, Lecrae, Francis Chan, Tom Lin, and Tony Evans, face to face, when they come to Moody to serve.

  6. Moody Theological Seminary is one of the best decisions of my life! Since my matriculation three years ago my spiritual development/formation has increased by leaps and bound. I am almost at the end of my course of study and will graduate spring 2013 with a Masters in Biblical Studies.

    The professors are brilliant, God-fearing and approachable. The curriculum is challenging, which is actually a good thing that helps to keep the learner humble with a dependency on the Holy Spirit, as opposed to having one think he or she is making academic accomplishments solely in his or her own strength without the aid of the Spirit.

    Mood’s Field Education department is amazing! The practicality and benefits of internships and practicums gives the learner an opportunity to test the waters, so to speak, before committing to a career choice. It’s fantastic!

    My commitment to the program has immensely increased my biblical knowledge and understanding, enabled me to appreciate everything and increased my faith in the power and reality of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I can go on and on and on about how good Moody has been for me as I have only scratched the surface of its benefits.

    Another confidence about Moody is that one does not need to know exactly what to major in order to enroll. The curriculum is designed to help the learner tap into her God-given gifts and skills. For me, this has been invaluable because I knew I was suppose to obtain a seminary education but I was not sure which program to seek. One can take general requirements before selecting a major.

    Although I am primarily a campus student Moody allows seminarians to blend online, modular courses and directed studies, which is convenient for those who require flexibility in their schedules. (Modulars are accelerated course that meets daily for one or two weeks and requires pre and post assignments.)

    I encourage you to call an Admissions Counselor today. They have a team that delivers on professionalism and will gladly help guide you through the enrollment process.

    Make no mistake, one cannot expect to be successful if he/she is slothful. However, if you are serious, have a solid work ethic, determined, solicit the Lord for help through prayer, and speak up whenever academically challenged, I cannot see how you will not be successful.

    Lastly, my prayer is that you make Moody Theological Seminary your choice and that it will bless, challenge and enrich your life as it has mine.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Cathy Glen

  7. The Moody Theological Seminary is rich in tradition and is situated in quite a location for ministry–Chicago. In walking out the doors of Moody, one is surrounded by not only people from all over the world, but also people in drastically different economic conditions. This presents an immense amount of opportunities to do ministry and one does not have to go far to find these opportunities.

    The academics at Moody Seminary have made significant strides and all their courses equip students with fundamental and practical tools for ministry. They offer various programs and also provide distance learning options, creating opportunites to make seminary convenient for students in many locations. Not only that, but they also offer numerous scholarships.

    Overall, Moody Seminary prepares students for ministry in both an intellectual and practical manner. This is the heartbeat of Moody and I don’t foresee this ever changing.

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