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Seminary in a Prison – The folks at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary have started a seminary program in a Texas prison. It launched this week with excitement and some opposition.

The Beautiful Seminarian – It would appear that the new Miss Black USA is a Southwestern Seminary student.

Greek Tools – David Norman provides a list of some very helpful Greek Tools for seminarians.

What to Avoid at Seminary – David Norman was on a roll this week and posted a great piece on things he is hoping to avoid during his seminary journey.

Confessions – Haddon shares a common concern every seminary student faces. Namely, learning “about” God without actually knowing him.

Seminary would be sin – Jacob shares a very personal look into the desire to “go” to seminary with the desire to love and care for his family.

The Quotable Seminarian:

Just thought of a new word after ordering books for my first semester of seminary: Wouch. (wow+ouch) @elycartwright

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