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We’re Hiring

The launch of has been a huge success and now we’re looking to hire some part time help! The main area we need help in is adding more schools to our database (we’ve got several HUNDRED more to add).

You think you’re the one? Here’s some qualities of our ideal candidate:

– Ability to use the internet.
– Basic WordpPress knowledge.
– Basic writing skills.
– Basic Excel (prefer Numbers on Mac) skills.
– Basic Photoshop (or another photo editing program) skills.
– Ability to work with little or no supervision.

Pay is $10 a hour / 10 hours a week.

We currently have enough work to last a month or two, but if you’re a rock-star we may have another project you can jump on after that.

So, you interested? Here’s your first test:

Contact me and let me know if you use a mac or pc, what photo editing software you use, and no more than three reasons we should hire you.

Good luck!