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Seminary Times: Money, Music, and Mondays

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The Seminary Bubble – Here’s an interesting article about the Seminary Bubble on (of all sites). An interesting follow up to this article was a tweet I saw by Rick Smith who said: “Here’s a stat for ya…my Seminary education cost more then my wife’s medical school.”

Why Ed Stetzer Teaches: Missional Guru, Church planter, Seminary Professor, and statistic nerd, Ed Stetzer, shares a little insight into why he loves to teach at the seminary level.

Seven Things I Learned from Being in Seminary – Bogdan Kipko shares 7 things he picked up along his seminary journey. This is a must-read for all of you starting seminary this month.

The Quotable Seminarian:

Matthey Robbins: Sitting and reading between classes at Southern Seminary. Cannot believe this is part of my new life.

Jeremy Maxfield: Oy vey! Hebrew on Monday? Didn’t expect seminary to be helpful with deciphering my wireless bill…

Here’s what happens when students Rap about their seminary:

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