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Seminary Times: Transitioned, Trained, and Tased

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Transitioning to Seminary Pt. 1 – Great post by seminarian Mark Cook with some practical tips on making the transition to seminary. Being one who has been there before, I think Mark makes some really great points. I’m looking forward to part two of this series.

Train the Untrained to Reach the¬†Unreached – I picked this one up when the folks at SojournWorld tweeted: Calling all seminary dudes who aspire to be professors. Choose the road less traveled.¬† This is really something great to think about if you’re in seminary thinking about being a professor. Open your eyes and look beyond the ivory tower.

Pastor Tased, Woman Stabbed after Church Service – As Joe Harrod pointed out, there are just some things that you can’t be trained for in seminary… Like when a dude pulls out a taser. Somewhat funny, but a very real point that exegesis and hermeneutics don’t prepare you for everything you’re going to encounter when you leave seminary.

The Quotable Seminarian:

  • I notice I am not as funny since seminary. No one outside of my school gets my Hebrew or Greek jokes… This is problematic (@Derek1brown)
  • Greatest idea ever! They need to come out with a show called seminary wives! (@TreyRichardson)

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