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Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS)

Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS)

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Westminster is committed to Scripture and to the systematic exposition of biblical truth known as the Reformed faith. The very name of the institution signals clearly that our systematic theology has been and remains an outworking of the theological documents known as the Westminster Standards. In addition to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, the Seminary treasures the rich and harmonious diversity of creeds and confessions within the historic Reformed tradition. In particular, it recognizes that the system of doctrine contained in Scripture is also confessed in the Three Forms of Unity (the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort).

Member Status: Accredited

PO Box 27009
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Phone: 215-887-5511
Fax: 215-887-5404

Peter A. Lillback, President Ph: 215-572-3814
Carl Trueman, Vice President for Academic Affairs Ph: 215-935-3886

Denomination: Inter/Multidenominational

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 604 (399.8 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 19
Faculty Part-Time: 32

Approved Degrees: MDiv, MA in Counseling, MA in Urban Mission, MA (Religion), DMin, ThM, PhD

Philadelphia, PA

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

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2 Reviews

  1. I would like to receive information regarding the Masters of Divinity Program.

  2. I am currently an MDiv Pastoral student. Not an easy program, but definitely one that makes you the scholar you want to be – or minister you want to be. It’s moslty Presbyterian (OPC, PCA) folk but being a Baptist I am loved and respected all the same. Professors are always ready to help, especially when you ask. Great seminary profs who truly love the Lord and the Church.
    It is true that WTS focuses is on making scholars, but you can’t prepare ministers of the Gospel without the local church. Much is done to work towards assisting students. Anyway, I think its a great place but this is the only seminary I’ve been a student at so don’t take my word for it – come for a visit.

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