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Covenant Theological Seminary

Covenant Theological Seminary

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For more than 50 years, Covenant Seminary’s mission has been training pastors and those who serve beside them for ministry to Christ’s church. If you sense God calling you to pastoral ministry or some other form of ministry leadership, we’re here to help. We are eager to walk beside you before, during, and after your seminary experience to help you become rooted in God’s grace for a lifetime of fruitful ministry for his Kingdom.

ATS Accreditation Status: Accredited

12330 Conway Road
St. Louis, MO 63141

Phone: 314-434-4044, 800-264-8064
Fax: 314-434-4819

Bryan Chapell, President Ph: 314-434-4044
Mark Dalbey, Vice President of Academics and Faculty Development Ph: 314-392-4152

Denomination: Presbyterian Church in America

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 772
Faculty Full-Time: 22
Faculty Part-Time: 42

Approved Degrees: MA in Worship and Music, MA in Religion and Culture, MDiv, MA in Educational Ministry, MA in Counseling, MA (Exegetical Theology), MA (Theological Studies), DMin, ThM

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

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2 Reviews

  1. Pros
    Excellent New Testament department. Solid reformed views, but welcoming to people who aren’t Presbyterians or Calvinists. Great for learning theology and preaching. The counseling department has a good reputation, although I wasn’t in that track. The denomination behind the school is solid. Some of the professors are truly godly people who will make you better pastors.

    The OT department is disappointing. Young earth views are treated with hostility and frequently mocked by staff members. One of the OT professors is a lightning rod of unnecessary controversy, and some churches won’t accept Covenant grads as a result.

    Like most seminaries, it will feel overly academic and detached from actually ministry at times.

  2. St. Louis is OK, but CTS is great. Without compromising anything theological accumen, the staff is fully committed to real life, ministry skills in their students, of all majors. I have Pentecostal and other non-Reformed friends who — while the don’t agree with everything, nonetheless — feel that there’s nowhere they’d rather be, because of the faculty. Iridescently bright, scholarly and well-read, they are also committed to praying for and discipling students. So glad to be here!

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