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Since 1923, Asbury Theological Seminary has been a community called to prepare theologically educated, sanctified, Spirit-filled men and women to evangelize and to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world through the love of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God the Father.

Nearly 100 years later, we’re still

  • Traditionally Wesleyan.
  • Multi-denominational.
  • Globally engaged.
  • Spiritually formative.
  • Missionally focused.

Asbury Seminary welcomes more than 1,600 students from more than 90 denominations and 40 countries. The Seminary has more than 200 committed faculty and offers a number of academic and professional degrees through the Kentucky or Florida Dunnam campuses, as well as extension sites in Memphis, Tulsa, or online. These faculty members are world-renowned in their fields of discipline and offer diverse ministry and professional experience.

Our more than 10,000 graduates serve in every time zone around the world through social justice initiatives, counseling, government, art, mission organizations, education, non-profits, universities, mission fields, and the church.

Read some of our alumni stories to find out what you can do with a degree from Asbury Seminary at

ATS Accreditation Status: Accredited

204 North Lexington Avenue
Wilmore, KY 40390-1199

Phone: 859-858-3581
Fax: 859-858-2248

President: Timothy C. Tennent, Ph: 859-858-2202
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost: Douglas Matthews, Ph: 859-858-2206

Denomination: Inter/Multidenominational

Graduate Degrees

Postgraduate Degrees

Certificate Programs

Campuses and Extension Sites:
Wilmore, KY
Orlando, FL.
Memphis, TN
Tulsa, OK

Comprehensive distance education program: yes

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19 Reviews

  1. I am completing my first year as a full-time ATS student this summer, with another year of prior work at another seminary. I have been very pleased with my experiences here. I’ve taken eight courses thus far which have been absolutely amazing. I can honestly share that the experience has been beyond what I expected. The professors are experts in their individual fields and once you are in one of their classes you’ll see what I mean ! Keep in mind that many times in our live’s we get what we put into it. Do your part and this place will certainly do its part, teach you !

  2. As has been the case for so many before me, Asbury was a truly formative experience for me, and a breath of fresh air to my spirit. While in seminary, I was fortunate to study under professors who were trained at universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Emory, among many others. Asbury is academically rigorous and spiritually formative.

  3. I chose Asbury because it is neither a fundamentalist nor a liberal seminary, plus the influence of a retired UM pastor. I had heard enough liberalism in the denominational college that I attended, but I did not want to become a fundamentalist. I enjoyed my three years there from 1980-1983. I learned a lot and I loved what I learned there much more than what I learned in high school or in college. I kept my GPA high enough that I could return for my D.Min. which I completed years later in 2001.

    At Asbury, I came to see that my theology was far more Wesleyan than Calvinist. Thus, I left the Presbyterian Church and became United Methodist. The campus was not as ornate as it is now with all of the fancy new buildings and my experience of campus life was fine. Sometimes life in Wilmore seemed very isolated in the middle of nowhere.

  4. I travelled all the way from India to Asbury to get equipped for myself and for God’s work. I am in my fourth year of PhD(ICS) program now and I continue to enjoy being here at Asbury. Each professor I took class with has added a lot to my academic acumen. Community life is another praiseworthy aspect. I hardly know any international student who is disappointed for being student here. I just wanted to simply say that Asbury rocks!!!

  5. Now in my 3rd year as a full-time ATS student, I have been very pleased with the majority of my experiences here. The only bad experience I had concerning a class was with an adjunct professor–all of the on-staff professors here that I’ve taken courses with have been absolutely amazing. They truly put heart into the work and also care deeply about their students. Some classes were more challenging than others, but I have never completed a course without having learned and grown in some way. There is a ton of reading and it is not easy to keep up, but it is worth it to try. While I love attending class and learn a lot during lectures, a fair bit of what I have learned has come from the assigned reading I do on my own.
    The community here is what you make it. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved (as far as I can tell, the opportunities are for everyone–single, married, with kids or not) and there really are LOTS of wonderful people around who are ready to foster friendship and community. The community aspect is one of the biggest unexpected blessings I’ve received here and I am so grateful. That being said, I made myself open to it and sought it out (though it did not take much effort beyond that)–again, as with anywhere else, “community” is what you make it. I truly feel at home here and, no matter where we go (with ministry and with my husband being in the army), ATS was definitely the right choice for me and will always have a special place in my heart.

  6. I chose to attend Asbury because I deeply respected the solid Biblical teaching and lifestyle of the one Asbury graduate I knew. Since then, I have encountered several other Asbury alumni “out and about” and every one of them displays the same level of academic excellence, social awareness, and practical wisdom that I’ve come to associate with Asbury. My professors have all been extremely challenging; some on a more academic level and some on a more personal/spiritual level. They seem to take a genuine interest in my growth and development not only as a student but as a follower of Christ.

    I am a single student attending classes at the Florida Dunnam (Orlando) campus since 2011. Despite the fact that this is a commuter campus, I have felt strong community ties, and I have learned just as much from my fellow students as I have from my professors. Asbury encourages a spirit of cooperative learning, mutual respect, and unity through diversity that equips its graduates for ministry in the 21st century without compromising eternal truths.

  7. ATS provided me with an excellent academic, spiritual, and leadership foundation that prepared me for local church ministry. I chose the seminary because many of the effective pastors that I know graduated from ATS, and the things I learned there are very useful. No seminary can fully prepare a student for the variety of challenges one faces while leading effective churches, but I feel that ATS gave me the tools to get started and to build upon as serve.

  8. My time at Asbury wasn’t the greatest time of my life and I definitely witnessed and experienced some major disappointments, but even in those I encountered some incredible people (fellow students, staff, professors). In the midst of witnessing injustices, I learned my attitude about them changed how I experienced them and that it is important to pick my battles well.

    As I look back, I’m generally satisfied with the academic life, though it depends on the degree program and who was teaching certain classes. I am thankful I didn’t just take the minimum requirements and chose additional spiritual formation courses, Christian leadership classes, and other areas of interest from professors I kept hearing great things about. Usually, my frustrations from classes came from other students who did not discern well what they decided to express. While I was a student, I didn’t feel I was learning much but a year out, I am better able to recognize the effects of the lectures, reading, writing, and relationships.

    There are a lot of things to get involved in on campus but I found the best was to connect with a few people here and there and allow family to grow. Starting here as a single person and getting married toward the end, I experienced feeling overlooked as a single person and again as a family without kids. Once I recognized my friend group, none of that mattered as much. Though international students are cared for, they also have an incredibly rough time here (cultural differences, language barriers, prejudices, etc). It’s easy to get into the “grass is greener” mindset, but many people struggle here as they study/read/write and wrestle with God’s calling while often working and caring for families (whether locally or back home).

    Isolation is sadly easy to experience in any Christian community and Asbury Theological Seminary is no exception. I’ve seen several students isolate themselves while also seeing many reach out very much out of their way to care for others.

    Overall, I do not regret my time at Asbury even though it hasn’t been easy. I know God led me there to grow in ways I wasn’t always excited about but needed to anyway. It may not be exactly as the brochures or website claim, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to have met some of the most amazing people in the whole world (literally).

  9. Asbury has some great professors. The teaching there is Biblical and evangelical, but not fundamentalist. They take Biblical interpretation very seriously, and they will equip you with the tools you need to do so as well. Not every professor is great, but that is to be expected from any school. By and large, the professors know their stuff, are good teachers, and are honestly invested in your success as a student. There are certainly seminaries that are more academically rigorous than Asbury, but you would be hard pressed to find one that is as committed to *actually teaching you* material. That is to say, it isn’t a “sink or swim” scenario when it comes to the work; the professors are there to help you.

    One of Asbury’s big selling points is the great “community” that they have there. Do not believe this for a second. This is marketing. It is just a grad school, with a community like any other grade school; actually maybe a little worse. It is VERY cliquish. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people posting reviews here were part of the “in” group while I was there, so naturally their reflections on the community are very positive. However, if you don’t look/dress/act/speak a certain way, you will have a hard time fitting in. I felt very isolated while I was there, and before I left I found that there were many, many others who felt the same way.

    There is a certain caste system at Asbury as well. Foreign students are waited on, families with children are catered to, families without children are tolerated and single students are largely ignored. There is very little in the way of programming (although when I left this was improving, due to some staff changes), so you are left on your own to meet people and entertain yourself; a difficult task since the seminary is located in a tiny town in the middle of the Kentucky bluegrass.

    The culture of the town itself is that it is “Mayberry” reborn. This is in spite of the fact that crystal meth has a strong presence there, theft from cars and houses are common, and domestic violence runs rampant. Rather than address these issues, the seminary is content to hide them so that it does not undermine the idyllic portrait of the town they have painted.

    In fact, the general culture at the seminary is one of fear. Any criticism, even criticism that is intended to be constructive, is met with hostility. If I were still a student there, there is no way I would be as candid as I am being in this review for fear of backlash from the administration.

    In spite of all of this, I really did learn a LOT there. I currently work in ministry and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t rely on something that I learned at Asbury. You will be well educated, just be very realistic about what the “community” will really be like. Find a church to go to and don’t rely on Asbury to be spiritually fulfilling in any real way. It is a garden for the mind and a desert for the soul.

    • Stephen,

      On behalf of the seminary, I am sorry you had such a bad experience of our community. I am glad you had a satisfying academic experience. I wish we could have been more helpful during your time here. Please know we do not take any offense at your review but respect you all the more. We hope your ongoing experience with the alumni community can be a blessing to you.

      Please do let us know how we might have better served you from a community life perspective while you were a student here. I take your comments very seriously and believe there is something important we can learn from them. I welcome a call or email from you any time. 859.858.2183.

      May God bless you in the season ahead.

      J.D. Walt
      Vice President for Community Life & Dean of Chapel (2000-2011)

  10. I will retire from the appointive ministry the end of June and I have never been sorry I chose to attend Asbury for my M DIV. I chose Asbury because of the clergy I had come to know who were Asbury graduates and observing them in ministry compared to many whom had gone elsewhere. For me this was a career change in my mid 40’s and I’ve always been proud to say I was a graduate of Asbury. I wanted a firm foundation in orthodox, evangelical Christian belief and faith and yet found I was well exposed and challenged to know the what and why and to yearn continually to be seeking after Truth.

  11. Comment

  12. I chose Asbury Theological Seminary because of its reputation and challenging curriculum, but I was amazed at the spiritual growth I experienced as a student at ATS. My professors were as interested in my spiritual growth as they were in my academic progress. They were readily available outside the classroom to supplement my learning as well as simply to fellowship with students.

    The courses were rigorous and scholarly, but with a focus on servanthood and Christlikeness.

  13. I am so happy I chose Asbury for my seminary education. I am working on an M.Div. and have found Asbury to be academically challenging and spiritually formative. I love chapel (though I would appreciate greater variety in worship music). I’ve met so many amazing professors who are world class scholars, and yet they know my name and care about their students. There’s a strong emphasis on world Christianity, and the I have loved worshiping with brothers and sisters from around the globe. The community is wonderful, and I feel prepared for ministry! I cannot recommend Asbury highly enough!

  14. Couldn’t have possibly asked or dreamed of a better seminary experience than what I had at Asbury!

  15. Asbury provided an incredible community and a better-than-average education (in the field of Biblical Studies). I received a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree. The biblical studies professors are top-notch.

  16. I came to Asbury knowing that I would be challenged. It has been the best time of growth in my Christian life. I have learned more than I ever could have on my own, and I am better prepared for ministry. Asbury is a diverse community which allows for a broader understanding of cultures and many opportunities for lifelong friendships. The Professors are intentional, knowledgeable, and Spirit led. I have yet to meet a professor who wouldn’t talk with their student one on one (and for a long length of time). Some of my best experiences here at Asbury have been my conversations with the Professors. Also, the students of ATS are seeking, praying, disciples who are always loving and gracious. If you are wanting a high quality education while also desiring to attend a place that builds relationships, then Asbury should be one of your top choices. Hands down my favorite place to learn, pray, and serve.

    They love Jesus!

  17. From the outset, I knew my choice of Asbury was one of the best choices I have made in my life. The level of academic excellence, mixed with personal interaction is dynamic. Such a diverse variety of church backgrounds are represented here. This creates a great atmosphere of growth. You will be blessed and challenged at Asbury. This comes as a twofold gift.

  18. I chose Asbury knowing that it would put me in debt, move me far from my family and support system and confound many that I had been in ministry with; but it would also teach me far more than just in the classroom. The unarguable draw that makes Asbury so well known is how it spiritually forms students as well as providing a top notch academic education.

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