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Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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Join Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for a theological education and a spiritual journey that will prepare you for a lifetime of service in Christ’s Kingdom.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) is a learning community dedicated to the development of servant leaders for the global church: leaders who are spiritually, biblically and theologically prepared to engage contemporary culture for the sake of Christ’s kingdom. TEDS is an environment that embraces both orthodoxy and diversity of thought in theology and church practice. The TEDS community includes future pastors, scholars, counselors, missionaries, and others from all walks of life united by faith, together seeking an education that will equip and prepare them for a lifetime of service in His kingdom.

TEDS, one of the largest seminaries in the world, enrolls more than 1,200 graduate students in professional and academic programs, including more than 150 in its PhD programs. At the heart of the divinity school is the Master of Divinity program, preparing pastors, teachers, and missionaries for many kinds of service. TEDS also offers a range of more focused Master of Arts programs in Mental Health CounselingCounseling MinistriesMinistryChristian StudiesNew TestamentOld TestamentIntercultural Studies and many other disciplines.

Additionally, TEDS offers advanced degrees such as the Master of Theology (ThM) and Doctor of Ministry (DMin). Three academic PhD programs are also offered in these fields: Educational StudiesIntercultural Studies, and Theological Studies (with concentrations in OT, NT, Systematic Theology and Historical Theology).

ATS Accreditation Status: Accredited

2065 Half Day Road
Deerfield, IL 60015


Phone: 847-945-8800
Fax: 847-317-8141

G. Craig Williford, President Ph: 847-317-8001
Tite Tienou, Dean and Sr. Vice President for Education Ph: 847-317-8002

Evangelical Free Church of America

Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 1355 (931.0 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 38
Faculty Part-Time: 55

Approved Degrees:

  • MDiv
  • AP MDiv
  • MA in Evangelism
  • MA in Ministry
  • MA in Urban Ministry
  • MA in Mental Health Counseling
  • MA in Counseling Ministry
  • MA in Christian Studies
  • MA in Biblical and Near East Archaeology and Languages
  • MA in Christian Thought
  • MA in Church History
  • MA in Evangelism
  • MA in History of Christianity in America
  • MA in Intercultural Studies
  • MA in New Testament
  • MA in Old Testament and Semitic Languages
  • MA in Philosophy of Religion
  • DMin
  • ThM
  • PhD (Intercultural Studies)
  • PhD (Educational Studies)
  • PhD (Theological Studies)

Affiliate Locations:
Deerfield, IL (Main TEDS campus)
South Chicago, IL
Davie, FL
Santa Ana, CA (Trinity Law School)

TEDS Extension Campuses:
Akron, OH
Brookfield, WI
Columbus, OH
Davie, FL
Dolton, IL
Greenwood, IN
Madison, WI

Comprehensive Distance Education Program:

5 Reviews

  1. My experience at TEDS has been outstanding. I am currently about halfway through the MDiv program, and am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of my time here. The professors at TEDS are leaders in their fields, and the students reap the benefits of that in the classroom. Being able to study under such gifted professors is truly a blessing. The classes are not only intellectually stimulating; they are also often very practical. Whether teaching theology, preaching, ethics, the biblical languages, education, or missions, the professors incorporate elements of practical application, so that what we learn here is preparing and equipping us for our current and future ministries.
    I would highly recommend TEDS to anyone who is looking for a seminary that is committed to training and equipping believers to be more effective as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. I really enjoyed my time at TEDS. The courses are fantastic, engaging, and demanding. The faculty are some of the biggest names in their fields yet their doors are always open to students. I really appreciated the way professors encouraged me to wrestle with the material and my beliefs to gain a deep and more solid understanding.

    The flexible degree programs allowed me to complete a Master’s degree catered to what and where God is calling me. I really appreciate how Trinity offers flexible degrees without sacrificing the academic rigors and excellence of TEDS.

  3. I really enjoyed my time here. The professors are top notch, the classes are engaging, and I really appreciated all the events that the Henry Center organized. I also appreciate Trinity’s emphasis on field education. I think seminary students really need to be serving in a church while they’re in school, and Trinity makes sure that happens.

    Thanks for everything! I’m always trying to send more students up to Trinity.

  4. I have loved my time at TEDS. Knowing what I know now (having graduated), there are 3 main things that I would have wanted to receive from my experience in seminary: 1) Great Education; 2) Facilitated Growth; 3) Professional Experience. I received all of these from my time at TEDS. The classes are only the tip of the iceberg. The community of conscientious students and faculty was invaluable for me. I also had the opportunity of serving as Teaching Fellow in NT, as well as a graduate assistant for a few professors. To my knowledge, no other Masters programs provide experiences like these at a comparable level. For students hoping to pursue ministry, there are many opportunities for placement and the required internships also provide an incentive to prioritize professional experience. All of these experiences are carefully mentored and my one-on-one time with faculty in these capacities has shaped me so much.

    Those are my quantitative values, but what cannot be expressed is my gratitude to this community for teaching me how to continue to value academic excellence in the spirit of knowing the Lord. The professors are so careful to value the personal growth of their students, praying for them and investing in their lives. I have professors who see me in the halls and still ask about parts of my life that I shared 3 years ago.

  5. I can’t speak highly enough about my experience at TEDS. After researching and visiting seminaries across North America, I chose TEDS because it was the best mix of academic rigor and practical ministry training. TEDS is a place where students and faculty from diverse backgrounds learn together. The emphasis on the Biblical languages has been a challenge, but one that has made the Bible come alive. Located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, TEDS students are involved in a wide variety of ministries, from church planting in the city, ministry to international students, and pastoring rural churches. The faculty is not only world-class (D.A. Carson, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Tite Tienou, to name just a few), but they truly care about mentoring students for a lifetime of ministry. I am so thankful for this time at TEDS, as I have both grown in my love for God and in my preparedness to proclaim the gospel.

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