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Think Theologically | Engage Globally | Live Biblically

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is a multi-denominational, evangelical seminary representing over 85 denominations from 50 countries on four campuses — united around a common commitment to Christ and the authority of Scripture.

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ATS Accreditation Status:

130 Essex Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982

Phone: 978-468-7111 (Hamilton Campus), 617-427-7293 (Boston Campus), 704-527-9909 (Charlotte Campus), 904-354-4800 (Jacksonville Campus)
Fax: 978-646-4560
Dennis P. Hollinger, President Ph: 978-646-4032, 978-468-7111
Frank A. James III, Provost Ph: 978.468.7111, 978-646-4029


Fall 2010 Data:
Enrollment: 1944 (1021.7 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 37
Faculty Part-Time: 56

Degree Programs

M.DIV Master of Divinity
Th.M Master of Theology

Master of Arts (Academic)

MABL Master of Arts (Biblical Languages)
MACS Master of Arts (Christian Studies)
MACT Master of Arts (Christian Thought)
MACH Master of Arts (Church History)
MANT Master of Arts (New Testament)
MAOT Master of Arts (Old Testament)
MATH Master of Arts (Theology)
MAR Master of Arts (Religion)

Master of Arts (Professional)

MACC Master of Arts in Christian Counseling
MACL Master of Arts in Christian Leadership – Hispanic Ministries
MACM Master of Arts in Christian Ministries
MACO Master of Arts in Counseling
MAGL Master of Arts in Global Leadership
MAIS Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
MAUML Master of Arts in Urban Ministry Leadership

Doctoral Program

D.MIN Doctor of Ministry

CACREP Accredited Counseling Programs

In July of 2019, MA in Counseling programs at both the Hamilton and Charlotte campuses were granted CACREP accreditation in addition to our existing accreditation through ATS and NEASC.

MACO Master of Arts in Counseling — Hamilton, MA
MACC Master of Arts in Christian Counseling — Charlotte, MA

Education Models

Residential (Hamilton, MA)
Urban Context (Boston, MA)
Adult Education (Charlotte, NC & Jacksonville, FL)
Online Education

Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

Students enrolled at Gordon-Conwell also have the unique opportunity to take classes through the Boston Theological Interrelgious Consortium (BTI), a consortium of nine seminaries and theological schools in the Boston area, including:

  • Boston College Department of Theology
  • Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
  • Boston University School of Theology
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Hartford Seminary
  • Harvard Divinity School
  • Hebrew College
  • Holy Cross Orthodox School of Theology
  • Saint John’s Seminary
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17 Reviews

  1. You must enroll and if you can attend on campus to experience GCTS. You will not be disappointed compared to 99% of the other institutions.

  2. The good : A high standard and they are trying to train us to be professional, hard worker with a good university environment. The bad : Sports need to be taken a look at. Work hard play harder right?

  3. Living the life of one who follows Christ you quickly understand that words/phrases like “coincidence” and “by chance” are secular descriptions of GOD’s Providence. I was attending another seminary – one that for me – held no true biblical principle but rather took a “spiritual” approach to seminary.

    I walked into Gordon-Conwell one afternoon – distraught and feeling as if I had nowhere to go. On the spot I was allowed to take a course and I transferred full time to GCTS!

    I would say it was one of the best decision I ever made however the truth of the matter is that GOD’s will be done – in every situation – HE causes everything to work together for the good for those who love HIM and are called for HIS purpose. My haggard walk into the doors of GCTS turned out to be ordained footsteps! I am humbled to learn in such a place as this.

  4. Gordon Conwell is an excellent school! There is a good balance between the practical and the academic. The professors are mostly from very impressive schools. But more importantly they live out what they teach. The cost per class is very reasonable. Gordon Conwell has been an all around blessing to me.

  5. I went to Gordon Conwell a year after I became a Christian in 1973. I don’t recommend that most believers head off to seminary when they are a new Christian. For me, however, I found GCTS to be the right place to put theological and biblical flesh on my bones. My experience on the “holy hill” was life changing. The friendships I cultivated still speak into my life and ministry. I praise God for GCTS.

  6. My seminary journey did not start with Gordon-Conwell, but I’m glad it ended with it! I originally applied to and was accepted to a denominational school. That particular institution had a Greek pre-requisite, so I needed to find another school that would offer Greek online. It was in this search process that I discovered Gordon-Conwell.

    What originally drew me to Gordon-Conwell was its inter-denominational environment and its reputation for academic rigor. Having graduated from a high caliber college, I knew the value of high expectations. Gordon-Conwell did not disappoint. Since beginning my MDiv in the summer of 2008 on the Charlotte campus, I have been challenged to give my best, a challenge that has been richly rewarding. I am hoping to finish at the end of this year.

    I am grateful for highly skilled and accessible faculty and staff. The students that I have encountered are both thoughtful and engaged, many of them are starting their second careers. I am also excited about the future of the institution. In addition to an ambitious expansion plan of the Charlotte campus beginning in 2013, the seminary recently launched an accredited online seminary Masters in Religion. I personally believe that hybrid and online models are the future of theological education and I’m pleased to see Gordon-Conwell take this step!

    In closing, many institutions lose their allure after frequent exposure. This has not been the case for me at Gordon-Conwell. I am just as thrilled to be there now as when I started. I look forward to a long relationship.

  7. I graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in May 2010. I attended for 3 years and received a Master of Divinity degree. I studied biblical languages in college as well as theology at a small Christian liberal arts college. So, it did make my experience at GCTS a bit easier considering I had already in my possession a miniature version of an M.Div from college. That said, I’d like to share some of the things that I’ve learned through my experience at GCTS, expected and unexpected.

    I expected to receive a great education in studying the Bible critically, studying Christian history, studying theology, and learning about ministry. I certainly received that and many others have attested to that already, but what I didn’t expect was how passionate each professor was about God’s Word and specifically about God’s plan of redemption. In college, I learned how to translate Greek and some Hebrew and I learned Hermeneutics and theology and history, but I didn’t learn God’s overarching plan of redemption which ties the whole of Scripture together as one comprehensive unfolding plan of God’s grace for sinners. I learned in college that the Old Testament was useful and helpful, but more or less now that we have the New Testament the Old Testament isn’t really that important or as necessary at the NT. I learned at GCTS how to reconcile the Old and New Testaments, and how God is concealed in the OT and revealed in the NT, and all of it points to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    In short, I new a lot about biblical studies and biblical languages and theologians before entering seminary. My understanding of how to read the Bible within God’s broader story of redemption came through Gordon-Conwell and has greatly impacted every area of my life and ministry. I am forever grateful for this.

    Secondly, and lastly, though I could list many things one things that truly struck me upon entering Gordon-Conwell was the great number of international students on campus. I realized soon after attending classes that I really had little to no sense of global Christianity. I took Tim Tennant’s class on The World Mission of the Church early on and it transformed the way I view mission, missions, and the global Church. My understanding of Christianity was really captive to a Westernized construct, but GCTS helped me to see the broader spectrum of Christianity and to learn more fully the Mission of God in the world and how that runs throughout Scripture for all peoples. I made lasting relationships with many great friends at GCTS which I will have for the rest of my life. However, I also can say I have friends all over the world on practically every continent and have been able to hear their inspiring story of how they came to GCTS and what they plan to do. Jorum Mugari commented earlier and became a good friend of mine in seminary. I have a number of Korean/Korean-American friends. I have a number of friends from the UK as well, likely because I played soccer every Friday with them and many GCTS students (many international).

    GCTS helped expand my understanding of God’s redemptive plan in the Bible and helped me to understand the global Church and expand my mindset beyond that of Western evangelicalism to the thriving churches all over the world. I am truly grateful for my experience and hope that you who read this are encouraged by my words. I know it is a difficult decision and an important decision to choose a seminary/grad school. I encourage you to choose Gordon-Conwell to expand your knowledge of God’s Word and God’s Church.

    Grace & Peace,


  8. I received the M.Div. degree from Gordon-Conwell in 2010. I particularly appreciated the requirements to learn Greek and Hebrew, the excellence in scholarship across the departments, and diversity of classes and educational opportunities. The Mentored Ministry requirement led to important developmental experiences. The opportunities to take classes at the CUME campus and across the BTI network were also invaluable. The student body was varied in its composition and interests, and I feel that I was greatly encouraged and challenged by the people I met and developed friendships with. Overall, I would strongly recommend Gordon-Conwell to others.

  9. I am in my third year here, and suffice it to say that my education here has FAR exceeded my expectations of what seminary education could possibly offer. The highlight for me has been my relationship with my professors because of their passion for the Word and the world.

  10. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary has prepared me to engage people around me thoughtfully, confidently, and compellingly for the sake of the Kingdom.

    Academics are a strong point, as are professors who behold each student with pastoral eyes. You will be both challenged and supported by professors who are not interested in your grades as ends, but as means to a better equipped pastorate.

    The campus is beautiful, a short drive to the beach, mountains, Boston, and all that New England has to offer. Diverse, urban communities and rural towns lie within minutes of one another, offering students great opportunities to cut ministry teeth as they study.

    No other seminary in New England matches the passion and excellence in preparing students to study, interpret, and proclaim the Word of God.

    I completed my MDiv in May of 2011. I have served as a chaplain and am currently a youth pastor at a suburban Boston church.

  11. It’s just privilege to be part of GCTS family. It’s just amazing to see how humble the faculties are. They are truly the people of God who love the word of God and dedicated to the students. I do agree it is “THE” best seminary!!!

  12. Having spent many years getting multiple degrees from GCTS and even being able to co-teach a course, I have nothing but respect for the faculty, the programs and the integrity of the teaching. Not only is sound, respectful thought encouraged (as opposed to agreeing with a particular line of thought), but much effort is put into assuring each student access to superior research materials and methods. Students can emerge from GCTS well-equipped to bring excellence to ministry of many kinds.

    I also must comment on the faculty and their personal concern and attention toward students. Regular prayer by faculty over all involved with the seminary is a huge and valuable blessing and creates an atmosphere of trust and respect. I have and will continue to recommend the GCTS S Hamlton and the Charlotte campuses.

  13. I took several courses at Gordon-Conwell years ago, and enjoyed them very much! They were interesting and stimulating, and it was great to be with committed Christians of every stripe.

    That’s another aspect; as an interdenominational seminary, we got students from a wide variety of the Christian world. One could get a nice illuminating discussion of doctrinal points from a viewpoint one had never encountered before, at least with a living person.

    I highly recommend it.

  14. Unlike single-theological-tradition seminaries, GCTS gave me an appreciation of and familiarity with a number of theological traditions within evangelicalism. I learned from Reformed, Arminian, Wesleyan, and Baptist scholars from within mainline and evangelical denominations. As a result my commitment to the Body of Christ overall and my understanding of my brothers and sisters of different theological positions was strengthened immensely.

    In addition to GCTS’ commitment to interdenominational education, their commitment to the Biblical languages within the area Biblical Studies, including a requirement for all M.Div graduates to have multiple semesters in BOTH Hebrew and Greek, assures that graduates of GCTS are able to competently engage in Biblical scholarship at the highest levels…something many Pastors and church leaders are unable to do.

    GCTS should be recognized by all Mainline and evangelical denominations; it’s a shame that my own Denominationa, United Methodist, recently removed it from their list of accepted seminaries. We will be all the poorer for it as a denomination until GCTS is accepted once again!

  15. My husband and I both graduated from here for two very different reasons: he pursued MDiv for ordination, I pursued an MA for further academic studies. I come away from this school recommending it for anyone who is thinking about pursuing ministry as the courses and course work are geared toward this end. However, while GCTS is highly academic, I was disappointed with the lack of engagement as to those issues that are currently being dealt with in my field, and how I felt I was somewhat unprepared for what I would learn at other institutions such as HDS, and BU. Which brings me to another wonderful aspect of attending GCTS: the BTI. Gordon-Conwell is a part of the Boston Theological Institute, and as such I was able to take up to 8 courses (jn an MA degree program) at any of the seminaries in the Greater Boston Area; This includes Harvard, Boston University, Boston College, and Andover-Newton to name a few. I was able to take 4 courses at two of these institutions and I feel as though this helped round out my experience at GCTS.

    Another great feature of GCTS is the fact that they are interdenominational. Most of the professors are Reformed, but there is a level of charitableness among students and faculty that I see lacking in the larger sphere of orthodox Christianity today. This really opened my eyes to the arrogance that can occur when not being confronted with those who aren’t entirely like-minded. The overall atmosphere I think allows for the posture of recognizing the essentials over the non-essentials. For this I will always be forever grateful for GCTS. This also doesn’t mean that the professors aren’t fully invested in the different theological controversies going on in their fields. There was many a time I would walk down the faculty hallways and hear a New Testament scholar in a friendly argument with an Old Testament scholar on the matter of NPP. It was good for me to hear the manner in which they discussed such a heated topic.

    Finally, I will always be most thankful for GCTS’s emphasis on the languages. Some seminaries do not even require language work, but Gordon Conwell is language heavy in a way I think prepares both pastors and academics for their respective fields. Furthermore, when I read about those who rely heavily on “commentaries” for their opinions on Scripture, I know that GCTS has prepared me to do the work myself and recognize where a commentary may have either misread or added a bit of nonsense that isn’t really there. I was always surprised at what I could glean on my own, and many professors anticipate this once you master the language. Its the most wonderful and edifying tool that is often taken for granted.

  16. I definitely, agree Gordon Conwell Seminary is the best Seminary for preparing world class leaders and scholars. I am currently studying with Queen’s University in Northern Ireland and could not have asked for a better preparation, other than my experince at Gordon Conwell. God’s grace for Gordon Conwell needs to be expressed with myriads of gratitudious tongues;

    Jorum Mugari

  17. I’ve only been here one semester, but I love it. All the faculty I have spoke with genuinely care about my spiritual growth and understanding of the scriptures. The class selection is good and at the Jacksonville campus the focus is on doing real world ministry as you get your degree. I found this to be a refreshing take on the seminary experience.

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