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Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS)

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Teach Truth. Love Well.

The Entire Gospel Story in All 66 Books

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) is passionate about proclaiming the Word. So we study it chapter by chapter, book by book. One of the world’s largest nondenominational seminaries, DTS’s mission as a professional, graduate-level school is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders to proclaim His Word and build up the body of Christ worldwide.

How? By integrating careful instruction in the Scriptures with training in both spiritual formation and practical ministry skills. Besides covering every book of the Bible, our curriculum is also unique in that it requires every student to study the six major branches of systematic theology.

A Community of Servant-Leaders

DTS has trained more than twelve thousand graduates, many of whom are prominent authors, leaders, and speakers, and have founded such ministries as Young Life, Men’s Leadership Ministries, FamilyLife, RREACH, and Walk Thru the Bible. View our student stories to see some of the different ministries our graduates are involved in.

As a student, you’ll learn from professors known for their excellence as biblical scholars, teachers, and communicators. Just as importantly, you’ll find Spirit-led mentors who sustain a personal interest in their students. Browse recent faculty and alumni publications.

Degrees That Fit Your Purpose

Wherever God is calling you, DTS’s wide array of degree offerings will provide the biblical training and practical skills you need to make a difference in your ministry.

Master’s Degrees

Online Programs

Doctoral Programs

Flexible Locations

The Seminary has campuses in Dallas and Houston, as well as six extension sites and a full slate of online courses. With flexible residency requirements, many students can take classes while continuing their current ministry.

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Accreditation: ATS & Regional

3909 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: 800-387-9673
Fax: 214-887-5504

Mark L. Bailey, President
Mark Yarbrough, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean

Denomination: Inter/Multidenominational

Fall 2014 Data:
Enrollment: 2,134 (1148.9 FTE)
Faculty Full-Time: 55
Faculty Part-Time: 35

Approved Degrees: MA in Biblical Counseling, MA in Cross-cultural Ministries, MA in Christian Education, MA in Christian Leadership, MA in Media Arts and Worship, MA (Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics), MA (Christian Studies), MA – Old Testament Major, MA – New Testament Major, MA – Theological Studies Major, Master of Biblical & Theological Studies, DMin, DEdMin, ThM, STM, PhD

Extension Campuses: Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, New York, Northwest Arkansas, San Antonio

Comprehensive distance education program: Yes

11 Reviews

  1. God used this institution and its faculty to significantly change the trajectory of my life. I will always be grateful.

  2. In a time when many seminaries are increasingly sliding into theological compromise, Dallas Seminary remains faithful to its original founding, as well (and more importantly) to the scripture from which it derives authority. With a rich history of producing men and women equipped for gospel ministry in various iterations, as well as a reputation for producing some of the finest biblical expositors in the country, you just can’t go wrong with DTS.

  3. As an International student at DTS, it has been such a wonderful experience! DTS was the only Seminary I was looking at when considering theological education. The professors are not just academically and theologically brilliant, but are also spiritually enriching. The personal care and guidance the faculty, staff and peers provide for us has been a tremendous blessing. The balanced focus that the school has on academics, world missions, leadership and counselling makes it a top choice for many students. The Christian Leadership program offers specialized training to equip current and future leaders and I have enjoyed each one of my leadership courses. The importance that DTS gives to studying the Bible, with all 66 books studied in great detail, spanning almost 9 BE courses is a privilege students at DTS have! Systematic Theology is another great boon for the school, with a 3 credit course solely dedicated to the study of Trinitarianism!
    Many other important facets such as Spiritual Formation, Student Missions Fellowship, World Evangelization Conference, Arts Week, make my time here at DTS a very special, once in a lifetime experience!
    Thankful to the Lord for the founding leaders who started the seminary in obedience, and the successive leaders who carried out that vision with utmost dedication, staying true to the Word of God, for the last 90 years!

  4. I believe that Dallas Theological Seminary is one of the best Seminaries in the world. In fact, its graduates are all over the world and they are very knowledgeable. I have met them personally in the Caribbean and in America where their impact is greatly appreciated. I pray that DTS would continue to impact the world for Jesus Christ!

  5. I am in my last year of seminary at DTS. What can I say? top Tier theological training. The rigor of the languages alone will make realize how serious they about understanding God’s word. The bible exposition classes are far above all others…additionally, the professors don’t just want you in and our of seminary…they want you educated theologically and grounded spiritually. They care about you and your family…I am not just saying that…they really care…I recommend DTS to anyone considering seminary…no its not the cheapest, but I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Excellent school! Received a great education here. Professors really care about the students!

  7. A few years after I graduated from DTS, there was a period of time where I wondered if seminary had really been worth it. But later, when I was leading a breakout session on technology and faith at a large church conference, someone came up to me afterward and said, “You’re the first speaker at this entire conference that used the Bible in your talk and really incorporated God’s story in what you taught us.”

    That conversation made me realize that all those extra Bible courses that I got at DTS formed me in such a way that it just seems natural to look at everything I’m doing through the lens of Scripture. I know of other seminaries that do a great job teaching a particular denominational or theological view and others that are really strong in various ministry techniques. But after that conference, I’ve always been glad that DTS’s strength is simply preparing men and women to teach the Scriptures trusting that entering into God’s story changes lives.

  8. This is one of the best Evangelical Seminary in the World. A great emphasis on Greek and Hebrew language training and Bible exegesis. Very solid in the theological framework, six required courses in Theology and seven required course in Bible exposition.
    A good balance between academics and evangelical theology.
    One of the best faculty body, including Darrell Bock, Dan Wallace, Eugene Merrill, Howard Hendricks, Dwight Pentecost,Richard Taylor, Stanley Toussaint, and even Chuck Swindoll (yes, he does speak at the chapel frequently and teaches a D.Min class.)

  9. I have always been impressed with comprehensive knowledge of the biblical and theological teaching of DTS alums. I realized it was because DTS covers every book of the Bible exegetically or expositionally, not just in survey. While I appreciate the ministry method courses, 20 years later the methods have changed but not the truth in Scripture that meets needs. I also had the opportunity to survey a number of seminaries before choosing one. The major item that stood out to me was at these other seminaries I would run into DTS alums who were not only teaching at the school, but highly regarded there by the students. I only seemed right to go to the school that trained them. I love DTS and the heart for ministry and biblical training I received.

    • Thanks for this, I just started and I don’t know what to expect.

  10. When originally looking for a seminary, I researched them across the board. DTS stood head and shoulders above: their alumni (Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, Andy Stanley), their campus, and without a doubt their curriculum. DTS is the only school I found that covers all 66 books of the bible, chapter by chapter, and requires six theology courses as a minimum. Not to mention the superb language study (with the likes of Bock, Wallace, and Merrill). And I stumbled across a “seminary comparison” guide that may help you – it’s seminarycomparison[dot]com.

    But then I found out even more when I studied there. Their dedication to Spiritual Formation, family life, and missions astounded me. My life and ministry has been forever changed.

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