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Ashland Theological Seminary

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Ashland Seminary integrates theological education with Christ-centered transformation to equip men and women for ministry in the church and the world.  We invite you to explore our core valueshistorystatement of faith and The Table magazine to get to know us a little better.

Our faculty share a commitment to a biblical and faith balanced approach with a broad diversity of denominational traditions within the Christian church. Our faith in Christ allows us to be united even as a diverse community of believers.  The values of excellence in teaching and professional development through research are kept in balance to create the best learning environment for our students.

Students enjoy a program that is both accessible and affordable. Ashland offers degrees in Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; and Detroit MI as well as online courses and diplomas and certificates.  Every student can mix and match classes from each of our centers and online to craft a degree that fits their schedule and creates a learning community where a student can be known by professors and peers.

Ashland students also enjoy worship services, journey groups, and athletic competitions that include faculty and administrators.
All these things help our students to:

  • Learn critical thinking and practical ministry skills
  • Discover more about their faith through a diverse community of peers.
  • Develop lasting relationships with faculty and friends.
  • Explore and discern their calling.
  • Enjoy a flexible curriculum including online courses.


  • Ashland offers scholarships to our full-time students.  Payment plans and free financial planning services can help you make the best financial decisions in financing your education.
  • We also offers a partners in Ministry scholarship for spouses of students, which translates into 50% off their tuition.
  • The LIFE 631 program ( is a residential face to face initiative that equips and empower students with spiritual formation for lifelong ministry. The program leads to the Masters of Divinity and Practical Theology. Students admitted into this program, can obtain up to a 100% residential scholarship.

Ashland Fast Facts:

  • 70,000 Library Volumes (and growing) + Millions of Volumes through OhioLink
  • 4,500 Alumni Around the World
  • 600 Active Students
  • 110 Years of History (founded in 1907)
  • 70 + Denominations (historically represented in our student body)
  • 20 Full Time Faculty
  • Several Programs
  • 4 Centers (Cleveland, Columbus, Ashland, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan)
  • Ashland Theological Seminary is proud to be an organizational member of Christians for Biblical Equality

ATS Member Status: Accredited

910 Center Street
Ashland, OH 44805

Phone: 419-287-6776
Fax: 419-289-5969

Dr. Mark Harden, President

Dr. John Byron,  Academic Dean

Denomination: Brethren Church (Ashland, Ohio)

Fall 2012 Data:
Enrollment: 744 (360 FTE)
Faculty FT: 26
Faculty PT: 60

Approved Degrees:


Comprehensive distance education program: yes

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8 Reviews

  1. Ashland Seminary was the complete picture for me — academic enough to challenge me and grounded enough to bring my heart along. I was moved by the wisdom of ancient spiritual guides to whom I was introduced and by the spiritual guides on campus, who took a real interest in my spiritual growth and academic application. It was fantastic and opened my eyes to the true nature of ministry. I truly felt led and lifted. Words spoken to me by professors I repeat to my own students today. I maintain the practices for healthy ministry that were presented to me. I highly value what was accomplished in my days at ATS. I still stay in contact with my academic advisor today. Gina Etherton MA in Spiritual Formation 2001

  2. I had a tremendous experience at Ashland Theological Seminary. I was deeply challenged. And I am a better pastor because of ATS. The content of the courses was applicable (and still is) to my ministry. Other seminaries should aspire to the quality of ATS. Special thanks to Dr. Paul Overland and Dr. Terry Wardle, as well as Dr. Shawn Oliver, for their impact on my life and ministry.

  3. Ashland is the best for its spiritual, core values, integrity, and the way it is making servants for Christ and leaders for the world.

  4. Ashland is amazing!!

  5. ATS is a wonderful place to get your degree. The professors are supportive and the support staff are professional. The students are fun and Godly. I miss all my friends and ATS family. I grew so much at ATS it is an experience I will treasure the rest of my life. I left there knowing more than others in my field. Thanks ATS!

  6. Ashland was a fantastic experience which not only equipped me academically, but also invested in my soul for the deep places of ministry. The M.Div cohort program was a life-changing experience which wisely included lecture coupled with small group opportunities with area pastors. I am thrilled with my time at Ashland and would recommend highly to anyone desiring to be fruitful in the marathon of ministry.

  7. The time I spent at ATS was truly and deeply heart molding. The academic side of the learning equipped me for ministry through a combination of strong comprehension of Biblical truths and the development of tools that created genuine personal reflection on my life and God’s involvement. I have also been transformed by additional growth opportunities after graduation including guest lecturers, Formational Prayer seminars, and the Pastors of Excellence program. ATS is a school that feeds my mind and spirit as I continue to grow.

  8. I am an ’06 graduate of the M.Div/Pastoral Counseling track and I greatly enjoyed my time at the seminary and would do it all over again if I had the chance. I grew by leaps and bounds and by far, next to a relationship with Jesus Christ, it was the best decision of my life. There is a good balance between critical thinking and spiritual formation.

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