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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

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Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary:  Equipping Leaders Since 1973

A World-Class Seminary Education

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 9.32.48 PMFounded in 1973 as part of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell’s vision for Christian education, Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) in Lynchburg, Virginia, provided an answer for the ever-growing need of students seeking a graduate Christian theological education. Since that time, LBTS has continued to grow and thrive as it provides quality education to its students.

Flexible Educational Formats

Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary and its distinguished faculty offer a multitude of seminary degree programs. These include a number of master’s degrees, a Doctor of Ministry, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics. LBTS offers both residential and online courses, ensuring flexible education formats to fit students’ unique needs.

Hands-On Experience

Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary offers affordable tuition, a rigorous education, and unparalleled opportunities to gain hands-on experience doing ministry work. LBTS’ partnership with the Center for Ministry Training provides real-world experience to students.

Degrees to Meet Your Unique Needs

At Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary students have the opportunity to pursue the following degrees:

Master of Arts



Doctoral Programs

Find Out More 

For more information, visit the LBTS website or Liberty University’s home page.

ATS Accreditation Status: Not Accredited
* Liberty is accredited through SACS

1971 University Blvd., Religion Hall 100
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Phone: 434.592.4140
Fax: 434.522.0415

Dr. David Hirschman Associate Dean 434.592.4163
Mrs. Rebecca Mahle Administrative Asst. to the Dean  434.592.3338

Denomination: Southern Baptist

Residential Enrollment: 834
Online Enrollment: 8462
Faculty Full-Time: 129
Adjunct Part-Time: 178

Approved Degrees: MA in Christian Ministry, MA in Theological Studies, MA in Religion, MDiv, ThM, DMin, PhD in Theology and Apologetics

Comprehensive distance education program: Yes

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25 Reviews

  1. I attended Liberty where I earned my Master of Religious Education in 2008. I found the online program to be inferior to other institutions. The student definitely feels like 1 in a pool of millions when going through the online program. I found the majority of my courses to be lacking in rigor and engagement with the professor and other students.

    • Wait… say it lack rigor, but then you complain about classes being to hard? Lol. Liberty has the best facility in the world, have you looked at who teaches the divinity courses?

  2. I am very excited to begin my MDiv studies in Christian apologetic beginning on February 15, 2016. I appreciate the great comments and the excellent reviews for LBTS. I hope to also have a challenging, and rewarding experience and develop into the man of God He would have me to be for His glory and of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, my loving savior and Lord.

  3. I am currently a student with LBTS in the MDIV part time online and I am really enjoying the the work. The courses so far have had great content, solid workload and I have been encouraged by what I have learned, going deeper in my relationship with God. The professors are great and helpful and the financial department has a ministry mindset that is willing to work with you and your financial plan. I recommend Liberty wholeheartedly!

  4. I started Liberty University on-line in August 2011 and completed my BS in Religious Studies in Dec.. 2012. I was so impressed with my experiences at the University that I enrolled in their Seminary in Jan. of 2013. I completed my MA of Theological Studies in Dec. of 2013 through Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary. My experience through all of my studies has been superior and I would recommend Liberty University to anyone seeking a God filled education.

  5. I’ve read all the rave reviews about Liberty University, but my experience has not been a pleasant one. I am currently in the Th. M. program and have 3 hours left which I will be completing this spring. The first half of my program was great but the second half does not measure up to biblical standards. First, professor in Genesis seem to take pleasure in failing students. Second, the degree program had some written errors in the requirements which I took the fall for. Third, when I address these errors I was harass by the administration. Finally, they have never admitted they were wrong.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t believe you. As a student for multiple degree programs I have never heard of this or have seen this. I have worked as a student advocate and anyone no matter who they were who harassed a student would not have a job. You sound like you made a mistake in understanding and you now are going online to complain. If you really have a problem/had a problem. Tell what it is exactly.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed, and was blessed by my experience at LBTS. I finished my undergrad through LU, and then completed the MAR in Pastoral Counseling and the M.Div. program as well. The program was very challenging, but my expectations were that it would be. Every professor was really good, and some were absolutely amazing. The only drawback was that it took so long for me to figure out that you should buy your books from Amazon, then the MBS Direct bookstore. I seriously cannot say enough good things about how LBTS changed me into a much better qualified and confident servant of Christ.

  7. I am currently enrolled in the MDIV program at LBTS. I have completed an MA in Christian Ministry from there as well. I, unlike some involved with Liberty have had the opportunity to be a resident student at LBTS for 2 semesters. Now, I am in a full time ministry position (recommended by LBTS professor) and am studying exclusively online. Some courses are easier, some harder, and it does generally shift depending on the instructor. I have had friends that had the same course with a different teacher and we had completely different experiences. My only negative would be the way the university as a whole is treating the resident seminary. They have been marginalized time and time again and are always the first ones to be moved to a less desirable facility when someone else needs space. On the plus there is a tuition cap for seminary students at $2500 per semester so no matter how many hours you take past 6 I believe it will be the same price. The professors are godly men that love to enrich the lives of their students. I am proud to be a student and an alumnus of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

  8. I am currently a student in the MDiv program and am scheduled to graduate next fall. What I enjoy most about Liberty is its practical approach to Christian ministry. All course assignments are directed toward preparing seminarians to challenge real life circumstances with Christian principles. Topics of discussion boards are explored with a significant amount of latitude. For example, if the topic of a particular discussion board concerned a certain theological issue, students could expect to read varied personal perspectives of other students. As a result, individual students are challenged to consider their own positions in light of other perspectives. In this way, LBTS has also helped me to develop into a strong intellectual leader in my job as an Air Traffic Control Facility training manager. Overall, great school!

  9. I graduated from LBTS with a MA Theological Studies in December 2010. I am now completing a Ed.S. in Educational Leadership degree. LBTS is a very good evangelical seminary that demands quality work from it’s students. A LBTS student will be challenged, in the majority of their courses, particular in regards to academic writing. I recommend LBTS.

  10. I received my MAR from Liberty and finish my m.Div today! I would give the overall program at Liberty 4 stars. It was very clear that the professors were mostly concerned with training people to make a difference for Christ. There were some classes that I took where it seemed that they were set up to make the student jump through a bunch of hoops. The majority of the classes however, really challenged you to think and process in such a way that you would be able to apply it. I have grown tremendously at Liberty and hope to someday pursue a D. Min. if the Lord provides the opportunity.

  11. The programs & education are top notch. Prior coming to Liberty, I earned my AA & BS degrees from secular universities in Florida. Comparing the quality of education received from the secular schools, Liberty wins hands down every time. I recently earned my Masters of Divinity here at Liberty. I explored all the other seminaries and could not find any that had the flexibility, class offerings, nor credibility that Liberty had. Also not forgetting to mention the affordable tuition rates and great people. The professors and staff are sincere, approachable, and great to work with. I highly recommend LU to anyone who wants to earn their degree and advance thier knowledge.

  12. Absolutely loved my education. I found many professors who not only cared about their students, and teaching them, but were willing to help someone who wasn’t even IN their classes! Online is not the cake-walk that it used to be considered; it’s tough and very time intensive. I think the only thing I really missed was not having the classroom experience to share ideas, and banter about thoughts. However, that can still be accomplished by surrounding yourselves with others who, while maybe not in school, still have some knowledge and will engage in that conversation. Biblical learning is an ongoing process, and while a solid foundation was formed, it is, ultimately up to the individual to continue to engage in the learning process. And to use the calling for which one was sent there originally.

  13. I graduated from LBTS this past May with an MDiv in Theology and Apologetics. The Lord used my time there to challenge, grow and stretch me, while preparing me for full time vocational ministry.
    The Professors at LBTS are second to none academically, and all of them have experience in full time ministry outside of the classroom. This combination of the practical and the academic makes LBTS one of the best seminaries in the United States!

  14. I am a current student at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary online and can attest to the quality of the education I am receiving. I have a BS and MBA and was not nearly as challenged as I have been at LBTS. Good school!

  15. I am currently enrolled in Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary’s online program. Having previously earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration through another online program, I can honestly say that Liberty’s online program is much more challenging in that one cannot simply cruise through the classes by completing a paper and a few discussion boards. Each discussion board response and each paper must reflect a personal understanding of the material. The readings and other assignments are carefully designed to promote the spiritual growth and development of strong leadership skills in the student that they may become the minister they believe God wants them to be.

  16. Liberty Baptist Theological has great faculty and numerous degree paths to choose from. I’ve been blessed immeasurably by the faculty through their willingness to share ministry experiences and invest in students outside of class. The option to do online education is also a great plus because it allows students who may not be able to physically attend campus to receive ministerial training and further their education. I believe every seminary has a reputation or something that it specializes in. For Liberty Baptist Theological, I would say that the specialization is church planting and practical ministry education. Liberty is also rather affordable from what I found when I was comparing prices among other baptist seminaries. LBTS also has numerous post grad degrees like their Masters of Theology, Ph.D with specialization in apologetics, and their Doctorate of Ministry degree. Overall, a great seminary and a great atmosphere to become better equipped for ministerial service or furthering one’s education.

  17. I attended LBTS for my MDiv degree, completing it in 2010. The preparation was thorough, teaching all areas of pastoral ministry; it taught integrity by holding each student accountable; it brought me closer to my Lord with its spiritual focus and instruction on the spiritual disciplines. An online student can download campus church services audio, the chapel services, and the big convention audio messages. Streaming media brings you virtually to the campus. I suffered through a personal crisis when I needed surgery and a quick email to professors brought prayer and understanding. I was even called from campus by a prayer volunteer for updates on my condition. I felt connected to the University throughout my course of study and would say that it is a top-notch program.

  18. I bgan attending Liberty Online in the spring of 2007, and completed my B.S. in Religion in the spring of 2010. I am currently a full-time residential student at LBTS where I am earning my M.Div in Pastoral Leadership. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of Liberty, and I appreciate how they have challenged me both academically and spiritually. Liberty has been unique in the fact that while they are interested in maintaining the highest academic standards, they are also interested in seeing each student grow stronger in their faith, and to become the next generation of Godly leaders in our society. Liberty also has an extraordinary faculty that is dedicated to their students, whether they are online, or residentaial. The professors at Liberty has been great mentors for me, and have provided me with a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary for those who are entering the ministry and want to be challenged both academically and spiritually!

  19. I began attending Liberty online classes after circumstances dictated that I no longer attend classes through a local Baptist college. I finished my Baachelor of Science degree through Liberty on-line and loved the knowledge, guidence, and dedication of the professors. I am presently working on my graduate degree throuth Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. My degree choice is the M-Div. in Evangelism and Church Planting. I am thankful for LBTS on-line classes because they allow me to continue to work fulltime while serving as a MSC Missionary. The classes are challenging, while preparing you to face the issues of today. I enjoy the discussion boards because they allow classmates the freedom to discuss views with-out ridicule, yet openly discuss the topics with research documenting your view. I believe I will graduate fully prepared to represent Christ with the knowledge to answer the challenges of life. I recomend Liberty Baptist Theologicall Seminary to all that I see, and now all who read this!

  20. Completed the Masters of Arts in Religion with Major in Pastoral Counseling in 2009. I selected Liberty because I wanted a deep, rich, highly challenging program. I did not pursue a graduate degree to get a better job, but to draw close to the Lord and simply prepare me for his work. The academic work during my 4 years of study was substantial and most weekends and many evenings were filled with assignments and research. It was the most rewarding experience of my life and I shed more than a few layers of skin in the process. If you are seeking a mediocre, easy, or narrow graduate program, Liberty is not for you. If you want to experience theological discovery, to grow your relationship with God, Liberty is a great place!

  21. I have earned my MAR through Liberty University and currently I’m finishing my MDiv with hopes of completely the program by the end of December 2011. While Liberty is not an easy program to complete, it is definitely designed to create ministers, scholars, educators and missionaries with a deeply rooted Christ-centered world view and appreciation for furthering the mission, gospel and purposes of Jesus Christ to a World in need. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Liberty and my studies though the Distance Learning Program and would recommend the program enthusiastically. The professors are wonderful and very supportive.

  22. I have completed my Bachelor and Master degrees online with Liberty. Currently working on my Master of Divinity. Without this wonderful program I would not be able to gain such an awesome education and provide for my family by working full time. This program allows me to do both with little sacrifice of family time or responsibilities. Big Thank You to the staff and faculty of Liberty for all you do to enable and encourage us students.

  23. Finished Master of Arts in Religion in Biblical Studies through Liberty University Online and am now MDiv student. Not an easy program, but definitely one that makes you the scholar you want to be – or the minister you want to be. Online can be hard because you need a lot of self-determination, and you only get out what you put in. Professors are always ready to help, especially when you ask. Always good to make a trip to campus to meet profs and make it tangible. Great seminary profs who truly love the Lord first and students right after.
    It is true that LBTS focuses on making ministers of the Gospel, but you can prepare for scholarly work, however it takes a bit more effort. Much is done to work towards assisting students – again, if the online students engage.
    Residential facilities are tremendous. I stayed in dorms for intensive – very nice.

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