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Fuller Theological Seminary is one of the world’s most influential evangelical institutions, the largest multidenominational seminary, and a leading voice for faith, civility, and justice in the global church and wider culture. We are committed to forming Christian women and men to be faithful, courageous, innovative, collaborative, and fruitful leaders who will contribute to the flourishing of the church and the world no matter where they serve.

Fuller offers 18 degree programs at 6 campus locations and online—with Spanish and Korean options—through our Schools of Theology, Psychology, and Intercultural Studies as well as 20 centers, institutes, and initiatives. Approximately 4,000 students from 90 countries and 110 denominations enroll in our programs annually, and our 43,000 alumni have been called to serve as ministers, counselors, teachers, artists, nonprofit leaders, businesspersons, and in a multitude of other kingdom vocations around the world.



Main Campus/Pasadena

Fuller Online

Fuller Arizona

Fuller Bay Area

Fuller Northwest

Fuller Orange County

Fuller Texas



Master’s-Level Degrees 

Master of Divinity

MA in Theology

MA in Theology and Ministry


Master’s-Level Certificates

Certificate in Anglican Studies

Certificate in Asian American Contexts

Certificate of Christian Studies

Certificate in Recovery Ministry

Certificate in Theology and the Arts

Certificate in Youth Ministry


Advanced Degrees

Doctor of Ministry

PhD in Theology

ThM in Theology


Master’s-Level Degrees

MA in Family Studies

MS in Marital and Family Therapy


Master’s Level Certificate and Limited Enrollment Student

Certificate in Marriage and Family Enrichment

Advanced Degrees

PsyD in Clinical Psychology

PhD in Clinical Psychology

PhD in Psychological Science



Master’s-Level Degrees

MA in Intercultural Studies

MA in Global Leadership


Master’s-Level Certificates

Certificate of Christian Studies

Certificate in Church Planting

Certificate in Islamic Studies


Advanced Degrees

PhD in Intercultural Studies

ThM in Intercultural Studies

Korean Language ThM in Missiology

Korean Language Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministries

Doctor of Missiology



Mark Labberton, President

Joel B. Green, Provost and School of Theology Dean



Request more information about any of our programs  /  800.2Fuller


Comprehensive distance education program: yes

7 Reviews

  1. Having studied at several seminaries, and having friends at seminaries around the world, I would rank Fuller at the top for its commitment to both intellectual rigorism and practical application. You will find a nice range of perspectives, and students from every theological tradition (including Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy).

  2. I graduated from Fuller with my M.Div. and D.Min. Fuller provides multi learning opportunities within the community and different cities abroad and withinn California. Professors really care about the students. Opportunities are abundant once a student graduates. Fuller always keeps God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the focus of all Christian education. It was a great community to be trained at.

    • Is fuller an excellent seminary to study intercultural studies? Will it the best seminary in the world?I want to study intercultural studies in fuller.

  3. I finished my Master of Arts in Theology at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena this past Winter 2011. It was a great experience where I was challenged intellectually, spiritually and theologically. I loved the Psychology/Theology integration courses! While at Fuller I was able to take courses such as: Recovery Ministry in the Local Church, Pastoral Care and Addictions, Theological Exploration on Shame and Guilt and Human Development. It was such a blessing to be able to take counseling courses which had as their center point the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. I highly recommend Fuller, not only for its rigorous and challenging academics, but for their commitment to integrating faith into every area of study, ministry and practice.

  4. I am in the final two thirds of my Doctoral of Ministry program at Fuller Seminary, studying in the Youth, Family and Culture cohort with Dr. Chap Clark. Fuller has a DMin plan for folks that completed an MA in religious studies which allows a student to complete an MDiv equivalency at the doctoral level. Without Another user mentioned earlier that he had taken a class at the Sundance Film Festival. I had the opportunity to participate in that myself in 2010 and was truly amazed by the experience, it gave me a whole new way of viewing film and helped give me eyes to see what God might be up to through the film industry, as well as how to better use it in my own ministry. Spending time with movie makers was a fun side benefit, and very enlightening. Next out of the box class I intend to take is the Life and Thought of CS Lewis at Oxford in England, Summer 2013. Really looking forward to that!

  5. My name is Quique Autrey. I am in my last year of the MDiv program at Fuller Seminary Texas.

    Fuller Theological Seminary offers a well-rounded theological education. Here you’ll be equipped to engage the biblical languages at a deep level and explore the dynamics of missional leadership. Systematic and philosophical theology is placed in creative conversation with biblical studies and pastoral ministry. Men and women are trained to exegete their bibles and their communities.

    It is this last point that makes Fuller a great place to pursue a graduate level theological education. While Fuller teaches you things like hermeneutics and the major turning points in church history, it is also committed to helping you cultivate what I call “kingdom competency”.

    This theological virtue has three important components:

    Convicted Civility

    Richard J. Mouw, president of Fuller, believes we live in a day where many people are extremely convicted but evidence little civility or demonstrate civility without ever articulating their convictions. My experience at Fuller has taught me the importance of embodying this convicted civility in a pluralistic world. There are certain theological convictions (e.g., Trinity, Incarnation, Atonement) that we cannot mince words about. On the other hand, we must always respect and honor our neighbors even when we disagree with them on fundamental issues. Convicted civility reminds us that both proclamation and dialogue are necessary elements of our Christian witness.

    Theological Imagination

    The second component of this larger “kingdom competency” is the ability to interpret all of life from a theological perspective. Whether it is popular television or the Wall Street Journal, Christians should be a people who see the world with new eyes. This theological imagination is rooted in the bold claim that all truth is God’s truth. As Abraham Kuyper once said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!’”


    Seminary is a time to grow in your knowledge of God and his word. But it should also be a special season where you take time to learn more about who you are. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How has God gifted you to serve his kingdom? What are going to be the pitfalls that will threaten your ministry? Where will you need to be in order to flourish and lead a people into deeper communion with God? Self-reflection is a crucial dimension of a healthy pastoral identity.

    I am thankful that Fuller has both trained me in the traditional disciplines of seminary and given me a culturally sensitive framework to express and live out my theology.

  6. I’m entering my third year of classes at Fuller Theological Seminary, and my experience has been great. The professors are excellent, the classes are in-depth and relevant to ministry in today’s world, and the support staff is quick to answer any questions or solve problems a student might have.

    Fuller focuses on equipping students for ministry in contemporary culture not just by studying it, but by introducing students to culture creators. As a result being a Fuller student, I’ve been able to interact with leading authors and filmmakers worthy of note in addition to Fuller faculty. Fuller is also the largest buyer of block tickets each year for the Sundance Film Festival. Students can actually get credit for attending the festival, interacting with filmmakers, and taking a class related to their experience there. I’m not aware of any other seminary that provides experiences such as this for students.

    If you are serious about involving yourself in in-depth Bible study and taking relevant ministry classes that will help you make a difference in the world, this would be a great seminary for you.

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